Meet Coco, the dog who loves kisses and belly rubs

Coco is 10 years old and everyone’s favourite at home.

Mandy Foo always wanted a dog but she had to work on her mother for years before she finally agreed.

So when her father’s friend had a dog up for adoption, Mandy was over the moon. And for good reason. For in marched the cutest puppy that Mandy had ever seen – confident, friendly, tail wagging and flashing a winning smile.

Mandy recalls thinking how “right” that very moment felt, as if Coco and she were meant to be.

Like all puppies, Coco bit her way through her teething phase, targeting shoes in particular. When she got found out and scolded, Coco would use every trick in the bag to get out of trouble, acting all innocent-like and displaying her most pitiful face.

It worked like magic for she’d get off scot-free and run along looking for her next adventure.

Always up for a belly rub, Coco thinks nothing of rolling onto her back begging for more.

Today at 10 years old, Coco has perfected the art for begging for belly rubs and will promptly roll over on her back, exposing her warm, smooth and soft belly whenever she sits besides Mandy.

She is big on kisses too and shows her human family just how much she loves them by frantically licking their faces.

Belly rubs and kisses aside, Coco loves to eat. If she could munch all day long, she’d be the happiest dog in the world. Alas, she’d run the risk of becoming obese, so she patiently waits for dinnertime when she goes absolutely crazy with excitement at the sight of her bowl being filled up.

This little girl is also quite a performer. She knows how to “shake hands”, “sit”, “go into the cage” and “high five” provided the incentive to obey is food.

In her spare time, Coco likes to bark at the stray cats and dogs that roam outside but gets visibly terrified when they get too close. Guess she’s all bark and no bite.

Loving, calm and sweet, Mandy says Coco is an important member of the Foo family and one who they all love to bits, mom included.

Mandy fell in-love with Coco the moment the puppy walked into the room, flashing her winning smile.

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