6 most annoying habits in Malaysian gyms

Gyms are sometimes frequented by people who don’t possess common sense. (Pixabay pic)

With Malaysians being more health conscious than ever, many people, young and old, are hitting the gym to shrink their waistlines and build those buns of steel.

But even as you hit the treadmill or strain under the weights, it becomes painfully clear that some gym goers are going to get under your skin soon enough.

So, what is it that annoys Malaysian gym goers the most? Here is a list of the top six most irritating traits:

1. The unsanitary

Be sure to wipe down exercise equipment that may be soaked with your sweat. (Pixabay pic)

As to be expected of any physical activity, exercising produces a lot of sweat.

More often than not, this layer of sweat seeps through one’s clothes and stains the exercise machines and weights being used.

Most gyms provide cleaning agents in spray bottles and cloths to clean up after a workout. But many gym goers couldn’t be bothered and leave exercise machines sticky with their disgusting sweat.

In addition to being plain unhygienic, it is also utterly inconsiderate to expect someone else to clean-up your mess.

2. The hogger

Remind yourself that gym equipment is meant to be used by everyone and not just yourself. (Pixabay pic)

It should always be remembered that while a gym membership entitles you to use its equipment, it doesn’t mean only you are allowed to use it.

Some people are oblivious to this as they sit on an exercise bench for unusually long periods of time, idling with their mobile phones.

There’s nothing wrong with checking your messages once in a while, but get off the machine to do this so someone else can use it.

But to many, the equipment is theirs and they don’t like the thought of sharing.

Even if one intends to use a particular piece of equipment for an extended time, they shouldn’t during peak hours when the gym is packed.

3. The grunter

There is no need to be excessively loud when you are grunting under the strain of weights. (Rawpixel pic)

It’s a little strange for someone exercising to be as quiet as a mouse, given the physical strain they’re undergoing. But being quiet is no annoyance compared to grunting loudly during a workout.

Sure, the gym is not a library, but that is no reason to be over-the-top with your grunting or countdowns.

Grunting away like it’s nobody’s business will distract other gym goers and might even affect their concentration.

Even if you’re completely unaware of how loud you are thanks to your earphones, the odd looks others give you should be an indication.

4. The creep

With no sense of shame, this person ogles at others, perhaps entertaining indecent thoughts. (Pixabay pic)

Staring is rude, but apparently someone forgot to pass “the creep” this memo.

You will know them by sight when you feel eyes trained on you, boring holes into your body as you go about your workout.

Sure, the gym might be filled with buff folks in tight clothing, but they’re there to exercise, not be eye candy for one’s pleasure.

“The creeps” ought to learn to respect people’s privacy and personal space and just focus on improving themselves.

It’s not surprising if these gym goers are finally thrown out due to their unacceptable behaviour and the discomfort they cause others.

5. The messy

Always remember to return exercise equipment to its rightful place. (Rawpixel pic)

Possibly the one habit that will get even the most patient gym goer worked up, is leaving used gym equipment strewn about.

The rule of thumb is simple: If you took a dumbbell from a rack, put it back once you’re done with it.

Perhaps it may slip your mind once or twice, but if it happens too many times, fellow gym goers’ impressions of you will sour quickly.

People will be rightfully irritated if it turns out that it’s you who leaves dumbbells and weights to be picked up by others.

It is basic etiquette; so don’t be lazy and do return equipment to where you found them.

6. The mobile musician

Bring your own earphones to the gym instead of blasting your music on your phone’s speaker. (Rawpixel pic)

What’s a little music to make one’s workout a little more exciting?

It’s normal for gym goers to use their mobile phones to listen to their own tunes or even watch YouTube videos while exercising. But some seem to have missed out on the fact that headphones and earphones have long been invented.

So instead, they blast their music and videos out for the whole world to listen to, whether the world wants to or not.

The world doesn’t care about the songs on your Spotify playlist; just invest in a good set of earphones and you’re good to go!