Meet thrill-seeker Apple, the tissue paper thief

10-year-old Apple is both friendly and fierce and also answers to the name Mouse.

Nothing gives Apple a bigger thrill that stealing sheets of tissue paper when no one’s looking and tearing it up for no apparent reason.

A 10-year-old Toy Poodle belonging to Joycelyn Tan, Apple is also called Mouse at home, a name she happily answers to.

Bought at a pet store when she was just a tiny tot, the confident Apple grew up to be a smart and feisty girl whose sharp mind meant she could learn tricks in record time.

(L): Apple is always up for a good tickle. (R): This smart cookie learns tricks super fast.

She knows basic commands like “sit” and “lie down” as well as more unique ones like “stand”, “jump”, “High 5”, “shake hands” and “roll over”. Never too old to teach a new trick to, she is currently learning how to “play dead”.

A rather picky eater when it comes to her dog food, Apple will however never turn down a serving of carrots or cucumbers provided these are chopped up into dainty pieces for the little lady’s consumption.

Depending on the situation, Apple can be both fierce and friendly so it’s best not to take this cutie pie for granted.

When not being pampered at home, Apple aka Mouse likes visiting the playground.

One thing’s for sure, she’s terrified of the hairdryer, thunderstorms and God forbid, the flash of a camera. So as tempted as you may be to snap a picture of this pretty girl, turn your phone camera to no-flash mode, please.

Apple has a somewhat mischievous streak too that she can’t seem to play down. Despite having her own crate with a small, fluffy pillow to sleep on, when no one’s home, she jumps onto the couch, kicks off all the cushions to the floor, and makes herself a snug nest to sleep on.

Here’s to many long and happy years of sleeping on the couch, dear Apple aka Mouse.

A smart and feisty girl, Apple loves sleeping on the couch when no one’s home.

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