Moezza, the little beauty who went too soon

Moezza the Maine Coon-mix was as smart as she was pretty.

Moezza certainly was a looker! Stunningly beautiful and intelligent, she was a Maine Coon-mix who pretty much was the darling of the household.

She lived with Junior, a Persian cat who she had a soft spot for, but could never quite see eye to eye with her younger sister Snow despite the little kitten’s many attempts to make friends. Guess, there could be only one queen in the castle and Moezza was sure it was going to be her.

A loner, Moezza was a sensitive cat and very fierce as a kitten. Her human parents were told it was likely that she suffered a traumatic experience in the past.

Maybe because of her sad past, Moezza also knew when others were sad and would sit by their side until they cheered-up somewhat.

Moezza looking drop-dead gorgeous while lounging at home.

A quick learner, Moezza used to watch intently every time her human parents tried to teach Junior how to look for lizards on the wall. Over time, upon hearing the question “Where’s the lizard?”, Moezza would immediately look up, zeroing in on the lizard’s location.

She also learned how to open a closed door all by herself by continuously jumping up and hanging on the handle until it opened.

One incident though that the family will never forget is how Moezza disappeared for two whole days once, with everyone fearing the worst.

It happened during Ramadan last year when she got into a fight with another cat and chased it off into the night.

Everyone looked for her and a RM500 reward was even offered to anyone who could find and return her. Luckily, she was found in an abandoned house, looking quite miserable.

Unfortunately, Moezza left her family for good when she passed away this Jan 9 at just six years old. She died of kidney failure. The sadness of missing her still lingers but her human parents are grateful for every beautiful moment they shared with her.

Till everyone is reunited… take care, darling Moezza. You are dearly missed and always loved by everyone who knew you.

Moezza as a kitten, seen here with her brother Junior and sister Snow.

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