7 creative uses for leftover Mandarin oranges this CNY

Eat all you can and convert the leftovers in interesting ways. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

So Chinese New Year is just days away and the crates of Mandarin oranges keeping piling up.

You’re likely going to be stuck with a surplus even after the festivities are over because let’s face it, just how many oranges can one gobble up?

Rather than risk falling sick (or turning orange) from eating too many, why not get creative about how to exhaust your stock?

Here are some simple and useful ways you can use the fruit:

1. Make mandarin orange juice

Nothing is more refreshing that a tasty glass of orange juice. (Photo credit: Alyssa & Cara pic)

If you can’t eat all of them, juice them up! Mandarin oranges are bursting with vitamins A and B, which many believe is able to prevent cancer. It also makes your complexion more radiant and youthful-looking, so what’s stopping you?

2. Bake a cake

Using four to five oranges to bake a citrus cake is a great way to manage leftover fruit. (Photo credit: Mm Good pic)

Mandarin oranges are naturally sweet and have a delicious scent. Bake a cake with leftover fruits – you need up to four or five for a truly yummy citrus cake.

3. Use them in savoury dishes

A citrus marinade using dried orange peel will enhance the flavours of a roast. (Photo credit: kitchn pic)

Mandarin orange peels have a nice citrus flavour that can add some zest to your dishes.

You can use dried peels when cooking rice, as part of a marinade, and even as a seasoning ingredient.

Remove the skin and leave it to dry for several days, or pop it into an oven to speed up the drying process.

4. Make an organic detergent

A homemade detergent using leftover mandarin oranges and vinegar makes an effective and organic cleaning agent. (Photo credit: Trash Backwards pic) 

Most detergents contain extracts from citrus fruits. This is because citrus fruits are natural cleaning agents, and are particularly effective at removing odours.

You can create a homemade detergent using leftover mandarin oranges and vinegar. Mix these and leave it in a jar for two weeks and it’s ready for use. There are many online sites you can use for reference on how to do this right.

5. Make a body scrub

Mandarin oranges contain antioxidants and vitamins which are good for the skin. (Photo credit: Craftberry Bush)

Mandarin oranges are good for the skin as they contain antioxidants and vitamins.

They are said to have the ability to reduce wrinkles and blemishes, as well as keep skin healthy and clean. So why not use the leftover ones to make homemade skin products?

There are many easy-to-make recipes for body scrubs online that you can try out at home, so good luck.

6. Make a Mandarin orange sorbet

A citrus-flavoured sorbet is best after a spicy meal. (Photo credit: Yorvale pic)

Who doesn’t love iced desserts? You can juice them up for drinks, you can also use some of the juice to make some sorbet.

7. Donate them

Always remember that there are others less fortunate that you can donate leftover fruit to. (Photo credit: cheeseslave pic)

If you know a family, an orphanage, or an old folks’ home, why not donate some Mandarin oranges to them this Chinese New Year? It would make their day.

Now that you know what you can do with leftover Mandarin oranges, you can start utilising them before they go rotten.

Happy Year of the Rat, everyone!

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