Roll out the red carpet for north Indian fare at Rolling Rolls

Rolling Rolls’ Tandoori Bakar Fish is coated with a tantalising blend of tasty spices and served with a vegetable paneer dip.

KUALA LUMPUR: Wraps have been recently all the rage in Malaysia as a health food of sorts.

With flatbread containing far less calories in comparison to a bowl of rice, wraps can also be filled with a variety of savoury meats and healthy vegetables.

It was this desire to provide hungry Malaysians with delicious and unique but healthy foods that eventually led to the opening of Rolling Rolls Food in Mont Kiara.

Located right next to the Jaya Grocer outlet of the Verve Suites, Rolling Rolls’ specialises in Indian, Asian and fusion foods.

While it isn’t a traditional brick-and-mortar store, it is comfortable enough for families and friends to gather for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The restaurant is packed between 11am to 2pm, and again from 5pm to 9pm, this time with the dinner crowd.

Due to the small crew, it may take a while to be served. But come at a time when the crowd has more or less departed and the service is the best you could ask for.

Anil Bajaj (left) and his wife, Jayanti, opened Rolling Rolls together four years ago.

More often than not, you will be greeted by the owner of the establishment himself, Anil Bajaj.

A businessman from India with over 34 years’ experience in marketing, he opened Rolling Rolls together with his Malaysian-born wife Jayanti four years ago.

“Indian food is different from Malaysian food,” he insists.

He is a proud Mumbaikar and he wishes nothing more than to share the delicacies of northern India with Malaysians.

Most Malaysian Indian food trace their origins to southern India; northern India food employs greater use of cream, yoghurt and butter.

Anil is a friendly and amicable man, and you should not be shy asking him for food recommendations, as he will rightfully recommend you the whole menu.

True to his word, everything on the menu is indeed worth a shot.

“I am not a professional chef, but I am a household chef,” Jayanti told FMT.

“The best part about cooking is being able to try out your own creations. When you set something good on the plate, it’s very satisfying.”

Cooked with love by Jayanti, the food here is not only served piping hot but is also prepared in a clean kitchen. The ingredients are sourced from halal suppliers.

As always, start your meal off with ordering a drink first. On a particularly hot day, a cold Lhassi, creamy and rich with flavour is the epitome of refreshing.

Inversely, if the day is a chilly one, some hot masala tea may just raise the heat up in you.

If you’re a fan of tandoori, then you’ve come to the right place.

The chicken tandoori at Rolling Rolls is tender and has a delicious marinade.

The tandoori chicken served here is so succulent and tasty that you will be driven by instinct itself to take your time with every bite.

The whole thigh is big enough to be shared, but you may not want to considering just how delicious it is.

In a unique spin on the usual “ikan bakar” of Malay cuisine, Rolling Rolls also serves Tandoori Bakar Fish, which comes with a generous serving of vegetable paneer.

“Ikan bakar” on its own is a delicious dish and adding a tandoori dimension to the flavour profile takes the savouriness to an all new high.

You will be picking at every morsel of flesh as the freshness of the fish blends well with the distinct flavour of the tandoori.

For fans of Roti Canai, be sure to give its cousin, the Lachha Parata, a try.

Thinner and lighter than Roti Canai, the Lachha Parata is best eaten together with a spicy curry or dhal.

Just roll it up and dip it into the condiment or be messy and spread out the dhal or curry all over the flatbread.

If flatbread is up your culinary alley, place an order for the Chicken Tikka Open Parata which has shredded chicken wedged between two pieces of parata. The sour yoghurt served with it is heavenly.

The fresh and hot Aloo Parata is best eaten with either dhal or yoghurt.

If there’s extra room in your tummy, have a go at their Aloo Parata. Made with potatoes, it is a staple dish in many parts of northern India and as its ingredients indicate, it will leave you stuffed but satisfied.

The flavourful Raj Kachori comes served in a crunchy dome made of batter.

In the event you’re up for something exquisite, ask for a Raj Kachori.

A truly Indian dish that is hard to find in Malaysia, this dish is flavourful with every bite, with a crunchy batter to match.

Rolling Rolls’ Chicken Briyani comes served with perfectly-cooked chicken and savoury rice.

Supposing you’re in the mood for rice, then a plate of Chicken Briyani is best.With tender, flavourful chicken, you can savour every single aromatic grain of rice as well as the distinct but understated taste of spice in the briyani.

Dripping with generous amounts of cheese and scattered with large chunks of chicken, the Indian pizza is to die for.

If you’re wondering where the “fusion” part of Rolling Rolls’s fare comes in, then the Indian Pizza fresh out of the oven will leave you gobsmacked.

Loaded with cheese, onions and large chunks of tandoori chicken, this is one fusion, spicy dish perfect to be shared with family and friends.

The best part? You don’t even have to go down to Mont Kiara as you can order these delicious dishes through GrabFood and soon, Foodpanda as well.

Rolling Rolls
8, Jalan Kiara 5
Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
WP Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 10am-10pm daily
Contact: 016-2845213 / 03-64196751 / 016-6304999 / 017-3754427