Some of the best food ever is at KLIA, klia2

Some of the award-winning dishes at KLIA and klia2 that earned the thumbs-up from a team of professional judges affiliated with the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival.

PETALING JAYA: If you’re looking for the perfect place to grab a bite before your flight or when welcoming your best friend home, look no further than Malaysia Airports.

A list of its KULinary award-winning dishes and restaurants, anything from a refreshing bowl of cendol to a juicy burger, has just been released.

The list was compiled late last year when Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) partnered with the Malaysia International Gastronomy Festival (MIGF) to take its annual KULinary event to new heights.

The three-day event highlighted the tantalising offerings at KLIA and klia2, collectively known as KUL.

These outlets and their specialities underwent stringent taste tests by a team of professional judges affiliated with MIGF, including one of Malaysia’s most renowned and much loved chef, Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan.

Here is the complete list of MIGF KULinary Award winners

  • Outstanding Local Dessert Award: Cendol (Bibik Heritage, klia2)
  • Outstanding Fresh Juices Award: (Boost Juice, KLIA)
  • Outstanding Beef Burger Award: Whopper (Burger King, KLIA)
  • Outstanding Eastern Dish Award: Beef Teppanyaki (Fukuya, KLIA)
Beef Teppanyaki at Fukuya, KLIA.
  • Outstanding Western Dish Award: Rotisserie Chicken (Flight Club, KLIA)
Rotisserie Chicken at Flight Club, KLIA.
  • Outstanding Western Dish Award: Braised Beef Cheek (Flight Club, KLIA)
  • Outstanding On-The-Go Award: (Flight Club, KLIA)
  • Outstanding Variety Award: (Dome Café, klia2)
  • Outstanding Breakfast Award: (Dome Café, klia2)
  • Outstanding Western Dish Award: Fish & Chips (Dome Café, klia2)
Fish and Chips at Dome Cafe, klia2.
  • Outstanding Western Dessert Award: Ice Cream (Godiva Chocolatier, KLIA)
Ice Cream at Godiva Chocolatier, KLIA.
  • Outstanding Value for Money Award: (Grandmama’s, KLIA)
Sang Harr Mee at Grandmama’s, KLIA.
  • Outstanding Fast Food Award: (McDonald’s, KLIA)
  • Outstanding Chicken Burger Award: Cajun Chicken Burger (Popeyes, klia2)
Cajun Chicken Burger at Popeyes, klia2.
  • Outstanding Cooking to Order Award: Char Kuey Teow (PappaRich, KLIA)
  • Outstanding Local Dish Award: Char Kuey Teow (PappaRich, KLIA)
  • Outstanding Service Award and Outstanding Ambience Award: (Sama-Sama Express, klia2)
  • Outstanding Local Dish Award: Nasi Lemak (Puffy Buffy, klia2)
  • Outstanding Western Dish Award: Classic Triple Decker (O’Briens Irish Sandwich Café, KLIA)
Classic Triple Decker at O’Briens Irish Sandwich Café, KLIA.
  • Outstanding Food Quality Award and Outstanding Noodles Award: Ebi Dry Ramen (Tampopo Express, klia2)
  • Outstanding Ambience Award and Outstanding Diverse Beverages Award: (Starbucks, Contact Pier, KLIA)
  • Outstanding Innovative Dish Award: Popcorn Chicken + Drinks (Soul Chicken, klia2)
  • Outstanding Value for Money Award: (Toast Box and Taste of India at Urban Food Court, klia2 )