Goldie the Poodle loves people, hates ‘mosquitoes’

Goldie the Toy Poodle is always smiling, happy to greet guests who drop by at his home.

Goldie the Toy Poodle is the equivalent of a “people person”. When guests come over, he is the first to greet them at the door with warm, friendly kisses while ushering them inside.

According to Sonia, she and her family fell in love with Goldie the moment they spotted him in a pet shop in Taman Megah. That was eight long years ago, and today this furry little fella has stolen everyone’s hearts.

Goldie has a loving and caring personality, and thanks Sonia’s mum every day for his meals by planting great, sloppy kisses on her cheek.

Always up for an adventure, Goldie loves car rides and being around people.

He also likes to cuddle and sleep for hours on end in an air-conditioned room. When he isn’t snoozing the night away on someone’s bed, he gets comfortable on the living room sofa, where he spends many a leisurely afternoon dreaming about chasing neighbourhood cats or eating a big feast.

Talking about food, Goldie has a somewhat elaborate meal plan that he’s pretty serious about.

For breakfast, he has two full-boiled eggs which he washes down with a bowl of low-fat milk. And after dinner, he chomps on an apple and laps up another bowl of low-fat milk before hitting the sack.

While Goldie has nothing to complain about his life, the one thing that makes him visibly upset is the sound of thunder. But even worse is mentioning the word “mosquito”.

As it turned out, a former maid once threatened him by brandishing a mosquito racquet zapper at him. Never forgetting the terror of seeing that menacing-looking racquet swooping down at him, Goldie flees at the mention of “mosquito” now.

Smart dog… better safe than sorry!

Goldie positively detests the sound of booming thunder and the word ‘mosquito’ sends him bolting off without a trace.

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