5 factors to help you choose between shaving and waxing

A clean shaven look portrays confidence.

Waxing is a method of removing hair from your skin using warm wax. This technique removes hair including the root and follicle.

Even if your intention is only to remove hair, waxing exfoliates and removes dead skin cells as the wax is applied directly on your skin.

Shaving on the other hand, is a technique of removing hair using a razor or blade. It cuts the hair very close to your skin’s surface and does not remove the hair root.

Shaving exfoliates lightly compared to waxing as the razor only passes over the skin.

There are pros and cons for both these methods depending on several factors:

Shaving is considered a non-permanent method of hair removal.

1. Frequency

Waxing is considered a semi-permanent technique of hair removal as it removes hair along with the root.

This delays new hair from growing for one to two weeks; much longer than the shaving method.

But in order to do another round of waxing, you will have to wait until the hair has grown about one and a half centimetres long as the wax needs to grab the hair effectively.

Shaving is considered a non-permanent method to remove hair as it does not remove the root while cutting the hair off from skin.

You will need to shave frequently depending on how fast your hair takes to grow.

How frequently you shave depends on how fast your hair grows.

2. Cost

If you do waxing at home, all you need are the wax applicator sticks and wax refills.

In a year, your total cost for waxing will be around RM150 depending on the number of wax refills you use.

As for shaving, there are many options available from the cheap fixed blade razor to more expensive adjustable twin blade and three blade disposable shavers.

Your cost will depend on your choice of system and the number of times you shave in a week, but expect to pay around RM100 a year.

Shaving costs lower because of cheap disposable razors and shaving cream while waxing is a bit pricey especially if you are getting this service from a salon.

Waxing is definitely more painful than shaving.

3. Which hurts more?

Shaving is a painless method compared to waxing. The actual shaving is not painful unless you are clumsy and cut yourself. The slight cut from the razor blade will heal in a day.

Waxing hurts more than shaving and definitely hurts the most if you are a first-timer.

Be careful of the wax temperature as hot wax can burn your skin or cause redness.

Waxing removes hair in the opposite direction of hair growth which results in some hair breakage.

If you shave regularly then switch to waxing, it will hurt more. This is because regular shaving makes follicles and hair shafts thicker with a stronger grip on your skin.

Getting a barbershop shave is an affordable luxury for most men.

4. Time needed for waxing and shaving

Shaving during your shower only takes 10 to 15 minutes but you need to shave regularly.

Waxing takes more time and preparation. You will need five minutes to warm up the wax.

Waxing cannot be done during a shower as it needs more time but the results will keep hair from growing for a longer time.

Shaving can be done at the last-minute, but waxing is a time-consuming practice.

There are many options available for shaving.

5. Skills needed

Shaving is easier as it just requires shaving cream and smooth handling of the razor to prevent any cuts.

Waxing needs more practice, and if you do it incorrectly, it can lead to ingrown hair.

If you do not have any waxing experience, get it done at the salon and observe the techniques they apply to reduce pain. On the bright side, waxing will not give you cuts or nicks.

These are the considerations if you are thinking about choosing a suitable hair removal method for your needs.

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