4 reasons why Kota Bharu, Kelantan, is bad for your diet

The seafood at KST tastes amazing with ulam and sambal.

Do you like Kota Bharu? You might like or even fall in love with the city of Kota Bharu in Kelantan, Malaysia.

In fact you might even migrate there if given the chance, but do think twice. There are many reasons why Kota Bharu is bad for your diet.

Although the list is endless, here are four delicious reasons:

Suriani’s serves tasty Kelantanese fare with steamed rice.

1. Nasi kukus Suriani, Kota Bharu city

The first reason is because it has one of the best nasi kukus (steamed rice) stall ever and the stall stays open till late night.

How to maintain your ideal weight when you get to eat nasi kukus Suriani at 9.30pm, with delicious curries, petai and juicy fried chicken?

Eating so soon before going to sleep is not exactly healthy, but Suiriani’s is located at Jalan Hospital, off Jalan Stadium in Kota Bharu if you’re feeling hungry for adventure.

Raw herbs with steamed rice and budu.

2. Nasi Ulam Cikgu, Kota Bharu city

If you sweat easily, be it because of your weight or because of living in a tropical country, Nasi Ulam Cikgu is going to make you sweat even more than usual.

They serve kampung chicken with ulam (raw herbs). Since you are in Kelantan, the budu (Anchovy sauce) is a must.

A squeeze of lime juice, some mango slices and some cut bird’s eye chilli go into the small plate of budu.

As soon as you dip the ulam in the budu and put it in your mouth, you will sweat profusely. Yet you will be unable to stop eating as the combination is indeed delicious. Bye bye diet.

Nasi Ulam Cikgu is located along Jalan Hilir Kota, Kampung Kraftangan, Kota Bharu.

3. KST ikan bakar, Wakaf Che Yeh

KST Ikan Bakar has many outlets all over Kota Bharu, making it easy to taste their wares, and even more difficult to stick to any diet plans.

They have numerous varieties of big-sized, fresh fish which they grill with sambal, operating late into the night.

They also offer other types of seafood which they can cook in any manner that you want.

Finally they have a wide variety of ulam and many different types of sambal for you to choose from.

You are not just spoilt for choice but also end up spoiling any chance of dieting. Go visit any KST Ikan Bakar outlet at Wakaf Che Yeh and see the temptation for yourself.

The coconut ice-cream is a must order at Tak Bai. (Pinterest pic)

4. Tak Bai, Thailand

Yes, Tak Bai is in Thailand but it is a mere 27 kilometres away from Kota Bharu. It is also cheap to cross the border on foot to visit Tak Bai for lunch, so again there goes your diet.

Despite the slow economy, Tak Bai still attracts Malaysians to spend there because of its proximity to Kota Bharu.

So, you will end up eating spicy tom yam and their famous coconut ice cream. Yes, expect your waistline to expand further.

Khai and wife Amira are Malaysian travel bloggers who blog at Kaki Jalans. Their travels have taken them to almost all the countries in Asean and five countries in Europe. They are still actively travelling and adding to this list.