Maserati to unveil first model with electric powertrain soon

Maserati’s Ghibli will be the brand’s first model with an electric powertrain. © Newspress/Maserati

BEIJING: It has been reported that Maserati will use the Beijing Motor Show in April to debut the brand’s first hybrid model, a Ghibli hybrid sedan.

The first production model part of Maserati’s electrification initiative, a car promised back in September, will make its debut in just a few months, according to a report; a hybrid Ghibli will insert the brand into the EV revolution.

Though it has been known since last fall that this sedan would be the first vehicle in Maserati’s portfolio to go electric, the company did not disclose when in 2020 the wraps would be taken off.

On Monday after speaking with “a source familiar with Maserati’s plans”, Automotive News Europe reported that it will be revealed at the Beijing Motor Show in April.

The only detail the company confirmed about the EV is that it will be “the first hybrid electric propulsion for the brand.” It’s predicted to have a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Maserati also indicated that the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will “herald the full electrification era” as they represent the brand and its roots.

The Beijing Motor Show is open to the public from April 25-30, but the hybrid Ghibli is expected to be announced during the preliminary press days on April 21.