Volkswagen’s next-gen delivery van to be sporty, confident

Volkswagen’s Caddy slated to make its world debut at the end of February. © Courtesy of Volkswagen

BERLIN: Volkswagen’s fifth-generation urban delivery vehicle and family MPV, the Caddy and Caddy Cargo, will make their world debuts at the end of February.

Ahead of their end-of-February world premieres, Volkswagen published the first teasers of latest-generation Caddy and Caddy Cargo revealing a hint of their “dynamic, confident, sports and at the same time practical” exterior designs.

In the brief press release that accompanied the image, the company quickly summed up what is new on the inside, as well.

Before heading inside, however, the body of the model has been refreshed with sportier lines: the roof slopes downward toward the rear, the headlights extend from the grille, giving the vehicle a seemingly wider presence, and the wheels have been enlarged.

In terms of technology, the Caddy is always connected thanks to the inclusion of more driver assistance tools and a “new level of digitalisation.”

As summarised by the company, this updated vehicle is, “100 percent new, 100 percent Caddy.”

Both versions of the van – the one design to haul people and the other designed to haul goods – will be shown to the public late next month. Further details will be provided at the time of the reveal.