Karma to reveal all-electric pickup truck by year-end

Karma Automotive is expected to reveal an all-electric pickup truck by the end of 2020. © Courtesy of Karma

CALIFORNIA: A few months after publishing a teaser image of an upcoming electric pick-up concept, Karma Automotive, the vehicle manufacturer previously known as Fisker, will reportedly be unveiling the model at the end of this year.

Just two days before Tesla unveiled the highly anticipated all-electric Cybertruck in November, Karma published a teaser image of its own version of an electric pickup, a concept that will reportedly be introduced at the end of this year according to Bloomberg.

The company’s new chief operations officer Kevin Pavlov revealed that the model will be based on the brand-new all-wheel-drive platform which is slated to actually go into production.

This same architecture is said to also have a future being used by a luxury SUV.

While this model is merely a concept, it could be launched eventually as a production model which, considering how the current electric pickup market consists mainly of one member (Rivian), could be a good move for a company trying to make its name in the automotive market.

As of today, the Karma vehicle portfolio consists of four production cars and two concepts. By the end of 2020, that list could gain two new members.