Take charge by creating time to do what you love

Learn to make the best use of your time to lead a happy life.

At one point, I felt like I was living life at a breakneck pace until I had one of those moments where I felt nothing I had ever done mattered more than having the time to focus on what really rocked my world.

I was spending all my time taking on high paying jobs at the expense of spending less time focused on what really brought me joy.

I recently wrote that being “rich” in life might have very little to do with what’s in your bank account, because all the material goods in the world may not make you feel rich in “time, happiness or health”, a mental state of abundance money can’t buy.

“Time” in itself feels like an elusive luxury to many overwhelmed mothers and highly successful people who never seem to have enough of it.

The scary thing about time is it doesn’t have a rewind function. Once it’s spent, you can’t get it back or recycle a moment. It doesn’t have a pause function either.

It cannot wait for you to start living your life. It just keeps on going, with or without you.

Even as I’m typing this, I cannot write this exact same sentence ever again at the exact same time I first wrote it. That’s how precious and fleeting time is.

American speaker and entrepreneur Tim Ferris says, “Focus on being productive rather than busy”, because being busy all the time may not necessarily mean you’re accomplishing much.

Pace your life achievements to give yourself time to grow organically.

Are you just working hard rather than working smart? It really hit me then that I needed to spend more time on what really mattered to me.

Tracking my career progression, I realised that I was flat out running my own business at Kyanite TV, a production house I founded with my husband in 2006. There were times I used to wonder if I was heading for burnout.

It was undoubtedly exciting but too hectic as we worked on a diversity of accounts and projects with some really tight timelines.

I was burning the candle on both ends and had very little time for myself. I was spending most of my precious time producing TV shows.

Apart from my own health and travel shows, these revolved around topics and genres that had very little relevance to my own life.

From 2013, I had travelled to almost 40 countries in the short span of two years, launched a book, a children’s brand from scratch, gotten married, and managed to write and host my own travel series for Discovery Channel Asia.

It would appear that I was achieving so many things but I felt I was going too fast. I was doing too much and needed to design my life so that I had more time to “just be” and to share the rich plethora of lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

We all have 24 hours but I wasn’t spending it in enough areas that made me feel alive. So, something had to give.

OhanaJo conducts many different types of yoga classes.

I needed to slow down and take a step back from my own company and put more time and energy back into myself.

I wanted to travel the world and learn new courses and enrich myself through further education.

Thankfully, my husband was fully supportive of me doing whatever it took to make me feel recharged.

He started to take over most of our business so I could have a much needed break to start focusing on my own dreams.

I decided to check into an ashram in India to study yoga at the end of 2015, and despite how tough the teacher training course was, it was expansive and soul-enriching.

I returned fitter, more flexible than I’d ever been, mentally stronger and much calmer because I really needed that break. It was a luxury to feel so free and to finally have some quiet “thinking time”.

My husband offered to convert some office space to start my own studio for me do talks, intimate workshops and teach yoga. This is the humble beginning of OhanaJo Studio.

I traded in my old life and humbly expressed my passion. It was the first baby step on a journey that meant I was finally following my heart and I’ve never looked back since.

When you do what you love and love what you do, all that genuine passion shines through. I am incredibly blessed to be able to touch hearts and move lives every day.

We have almost a hundred classes at OhanaJo every month. I’m fully focused on making a difference in people’s lives because whatever I’ve learnt has made such a profound difference in mine.

Jojo Struys is a regional TV host, speaker & wellness personality. She is also the founder of OhanaJo Studio, which is Malaysia’s largest yoga & sound healing space.