Citroën revs up for Sahara crossing with electric vehicles

The goal is to follow the historic route established in 1922, a total of 3,170 km in 21 days. © Courtesy of Citroën Communication

PARIS: The French automaker has announced that it will embark on a new crossing of the Sahara, 100 years after its first expedition in Africa.

The latest challenge for Citroën, which will be a showcase for electric vehicles, will be held from Dec 19, 2022 to Jan 7, 2023.

The project was announced on the occasion of the opening of the Rétromobile vintage car show in Paris.

The idea is to embark on the adventure in two replicas of the half-tracks that took part in the 2022 crossing (Scarabée d’Or and Croissant d’Argent) along with a forthcoming all-electric concept car and various electric production vehicles, which will provide technical assistance.

The planned dates for the crossing are those of the 100th anniversary of Citroën’s first expedition in Africa.

The goal is not to set a speed record but to follow the same route and timetable as the original crossing, which covered 3,170 km from Touggourt in Algeria to Timbuktu in Mali in three weeks.