Samsung out-folds Motorola by 4 times with its smartphones

Based on a recently conducted fold test, Motorola’s Razr can only be opened and closed about 27,000 times before the hinge starts to malfunction. (Motorola pic)

According to CNET, which conducted its own fold tests on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr, the latter’s hinge broke after just 27,000 folds – over four times less than the Samsung iteration could survive.

In the same way they tested how many times Samsung’s Galaxy Fold could be opened and closed before the hinge stopped working, CNET hooked Motorola’s Razr up to a machine called the Foldbot that folded and refolded the device until it broke.

According to the media outlet, it only lasted about 27,000 folds before the hinge “started acting wonky.” If this test is representative of the model’s durability in general, owners could begin having issues with their Razr after about a year of use considering that the average number of times Americans check their phones in a single day is 80.

Last year when the Galaxy Fold underwent the test, it lasted about 120,000 folds, about 80,000 folds short of what Samsung claimed it could make.

Nevertheless, despite the device performing worse than expected, it managed to be opened and closed by the Foldbot over four times more than the Razr; this would allow the device to function for about four years before the hinge starts showing signs of damage.

The new Motorola Razr is available now for preorder with a US$1,499 price tag. Deliveries are expected to begin on February 18.