For the freshest, tastiest fish, it’s KK’s Notung Kusan Cafe

Jewel Garupa soup with Kanlau Mian on the side.

Fish noodles is one of my favourite dishes ever. And being situated by the coast with access to great ocean hauls and a knack for making the best out of this bounty from the sea, it’s no secret that Kota Kinabalu in Sabah offers some of the best seafood noodle restaurants in this part of Malaysia.

A few weeks ago, a meal was planned at a more “hidden” fish noodle restaurant by the name of Notung Kusan Cafe, sometimes also known as Seafood Ah Huat.

Apparently, the restaurant relocated just recently from a household set-up to a proper shop lot at Dongongan, a stone’s throw from the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

However, do check to make sure you’re not routing to their old location if you decide to visit this spot.

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to noodles here. Try the Kon Lou Mee (dry noodles), that go best with thick slices of Jewel Garupa.

There’s also fish stomach, fish eggs, and fish head if that’s what you crave.

The portions served for two people is huge and comes with loads of thickly cut slabs of super fresh fish fillet.

The fish is cooked just right too – the texture is soft, almost crumbly on first bite but not in an “unfresh” sort of way. It’s truly delicious.

The tomato soup base is subtle, but has a distinct yet pleasant sweetness from the seafood dunked in it, a plus point to be honest.

The dry noodles too was properly seasoned and complement the seafood well.

Super fresh chunky pieces of fish fillet and some awesome fish skin too.

This restaurant is open from morning till around lunch time – so plan your day if you want to sink your teeth into some seriously good food.

It’s also been said however, that there are days when the restaurant stays shut – that’s when there’s no fresh fish available or when the owner himself has gone out fishing.

It is therefore best to call in advance to avoid disappointment.

Notung Kusan Cafe
Lorong Cyber Perdana 1
89500 Dongongan, Sabah

GPS: 5.915234, 116.063027
Tel: 013-878 1918

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