Snapchat’s new ‘Here For You’ content targets mental health

Snapchat will soon be offering a series of mental health and wellness content on the application. (AFP pic)

NEW YORK: As reported by Axios today, Snapchat is launching a series of new tools and content related to topics like depression, suicide, and anxiety.

Today, Axios reported that Snapchat will be launching a set of mental health and wellness resources that can be accessed directly through the application. A beta version of the first tool created as part of this push will launch today.

The feature is called “Here For You” and is a mechanism integrated into the app’s search tool.

According to Axios, the feature works by “surfac[ing] a special section” consisting of proactive resources from experts and content related to depression, suicide, and anxiety when a user searches certain words implying that they could be struggling with their mental health.

A show dedicated to help people cope with anxiety called “Chill Pill,” for example, would appear as a result when a user searches the term “anxiety.”

Snapchat is certainly not the first social media platform targeting mental health and wellness on their platform.

Last summer, Pinterest launched a series of emotional wellness activities which people can access if they search certain related keywords. Instagram, too, has been combating bullying for years to make the platform a safer space for users.

As for Snapchat, Axios states that “Here For You” is just the first tool of many surrounding mental health and wellness expected to roll out later this year.