Cap off Valentine’s weekend with The Duke

Pet rescuers Voice For Paws is collaborating with The Duke Bar & Restaurant in Bangsar in the fund-raising event called ‘For the Love of Paws’ this weekend.

KUALA LUMPUR: Voice For Paws (VFP) is inviting all pet lovers to The Duke Bar & Restaurant in Bangsar this Saturday, Feb 15 to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones and help raise funds for their non-profit organisation.

The special fund-raising event is aptly called “For the Love of Paws”.

President of VFP, Brevina Balasundran said it was a struggle sourcing for funds for the upkeep of the many stray, abandoned and abused puppies and adult dogs her organisation rescued on a daily basis.

She said funds were badly needed to provide shelter, buy pet food and pay for the medical bills of the dogs, many of whom were sick, injured or require spaying or neutering.

Manager of The Duke, Vikram Sharma said that he was more than happy to collaborate with VFP on this special Valentine’s Day event because of the work VFP does.

“The team is in Bangsar every weekend, standing in the hot sun with the dogs, encouraging people to adopt as well as explaining and educating them on animal care.

“They do a wonderful job and this is the least I can do to support them,” he said, adding that 20% of all food sales registered during the event would be donated to VFP.

“We would like to invite as many people as we can, to enjoy the food and hopefully make that life-changing decision to adopt a pet this Valentine’s Day,” Vikram added.

Adopting a dog is a selfless deed

Gushing about the joys of adopting a rescued dog, Brevina said, “When you rescue and adopt a dog, you see the light in a dog’s eyes go from dim to bright.

“You see the hope in their eyes and the gratitude that shines through. Dogs are the most loving creatures and truly a human’s best friends.”

Adopting a pup or adult dog is a selfless deed that will change their lives and yours forever.

Echoing her sentiments is friend and partner to VFP, Ng Yee Won who explained how her previous misconceptions of stray animals hindered her from helping them at first.

“My family used to fear dogs, thinking they would bite us or that stray cats carried diseases.

“Then my first dog came into my life and opened up our hearts. He was like a toddler that needed so much guidance and love from us. From then on, we began rescuing and never feared street animals again,” she said.

She has since founded Taming Wild, a lifestyle store for pets and has been a great companion to the VFP team.

“We are very thankful to Yee Won. At our adoption drives she prepares little goody bags for new owners and helps them understand how to look after their new family members,” Lydia Nathan, a regular volunteer at VFP says.

Lydia herself has rescued many injured and abandoned animals and has three rescued cats of her own.

While cats are often described as standoffish and independent compared to dogs, Lydia says not all cats are like that.

“My second boy, Ginger is the most temperamental cat of all three, but also the most affectionate.

“He was first abandoned and then bullied by the other strays so when I took him in as a kitten he was very grateful,” she said.

The Duke is a pet-friendly restaurant that serves a fusion of Nyonya-style and western food, with curated cocktails.

Saturday’s event will be on from 12pm to 5pm, and so for the love of paws, make your way there and turn this Valentine’s weekend into a truly memorable and meaningful one.

20% of all food sales from The Duke on Saturday afternoon will go towards non-profit organisation Voice For Paws.

For The Love of Paws
Venue: The Duke Bar & Restaurant, 14, Telawi 2, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Date: Feb 15
Time: 12pm-5pm
WhatsApp: 012-615 3644