Deadly Covid-19 outbreak triples demand for hand sanitisers

Demand for hand sanitisers has rapidly increased in the wake of the global outbreak of the deadly Covid-19.

SHAH ALAM: With fears of the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak quickly spiralling out of control, members of the public have been frantically stocking up on cleaning products and hand sanitisers in a desperate bid to protect themselves from contracting the deadly virus.

The shelves of most pharmacies big and small have been swept clean, and sanitisers as well as face masks are now increasingly difficult to find.

Averex Technology, a cleaning products company based in Shah Alam, has unsurprisingly seen demand for hand sanitisers shoot up in the past few weeks.

Speaking to FMT, Grace Yong, Averex’s Supply Chain Assistant Manager, said that the company has seen an extraordinarily high demand for sanitisers in the weeks right after Chinese New Year.

According to her, while the company has adequate stocks of sanitiser products to satiate public demand, there is a lack of packaging in the form of bottles at the moment due to slowed production in China, which incidentally is the source country of the Covid-19.

The slowdown in production of packaging material was the result of a lower worker turnout due to the Chinese New Year holiday season, she explained, adding that production was now returning to normal as workers were back at work.

Efforts are underway to source for local companies capable of supplying the necessary packaging so production of hand sanitisers can reach full capacity to meet market demands.

Averex’s Batang Kali production facility has adequate stocks of raw materials necessary for the production of its 500ml hand sanitiser products, she said.

However, production has not reached full capacity, mostly because all available stock of packaging has been exhausted.

Efforts are now underway to source for local companies capable of supplying Averex with the necessary packaging so production of the hand sanitisers can go full steam ahead.

On a single day, 500 to 600 bottles of 500ml capacity are produced by the production facility.

Two types of sanitisers are produced, one which is liquid-based and the other, gel-based.

Both hand sanitisers are primarily made with alcohol and are capable of killing viruses and bacteria.

The higher demand for sanitisers is not entirely from local markets either, said Yong, as Averex has been receiving an increased volume of orders for shipment from Singaporean and Vietnamese buyers.

Yong cautioned however that frequent usage of hand sanitisers was just one way of protecting oneself from the Covid-19 virus.

She advised members of the public to practise basic hygiene by constantly washing their hands and avoiding crowded places as far as possible.