Kia publishes first official photos of next-gen Sorento SUV

Kia has published the first official photos of its latest Sorento SUV. © Courtesy of Kia

SEOUL: Following the release of the first official teasers – a series of digital sketches – of the latest Sorento earlier this month, Kia published yesterday the first photograph of the SUV’s exterior ahead of its Geneva International Motor Show debut.

On Monday, just a few weeks before the Geneva Motor Show kicks off in early March, Kia published the first official photos of the fourth generation Kia Sorento along with some new information about the SUV.

As was seen in the sketches of the model released earlier this month, most exterior components and contours on the SUV have been sharpened to give the Sorento a “robust, tough-looking aesthetic.”

The sculpted edges and lines work together to give the model a more elongated, “more mature” appearance.

Ahead of its official debut at the @GimsSwiss, we’re excited to reveal the first official pictures of the All-New Kia Sorento. #GimsSwiss

While we’ve known that model would make its public premiere at the show in Germany, information about the vehicle itself has been extremely limited apart from it having been “designed and engineered to take on everything life can throw at it.”

Though no more new specs have been revealed, the company did reiterate a few key characteristics about this iteration of the model that are destined to change the future of the model lineup.

For the first time, the SUV will be available with an electrified powertrain, albeit it being a hybrid system.

Complementing this tech will be integrated “progressive connectivity, driver assist and infotainment technologies.”

The public debut of the fourth generation Sorento will take place at this year’s Geneva Motor Show on March 3. The model will then be on display for public viewing from March 5 to March 15.