Time to try some of Cambodia’s sweet-savoury dishes

Brunch for three. Will it be rice or noodles for you?

If you find yourself vacationing in Siem Reap, do remember to sample their local dishes to get a taste of their culture.

It’s amazing how one can find so many representations of South East Asian cuisine in Malaysia – Thai being the most popular. However, you can also find Indonesian, Vietnamese, and to a lesser extent, Filipino food in our country.

However, there isn’t a single Cambodian hawker stall or restaurant in all of Klang Valley specialising in the cuisine of this country.

The Old Market at Siem Reap in Cambodia also has within its midst numerous stalls selling local hawker food.

Why? The short answer is because Cambodian food is just not very appetising… at least not to Malaysian taste buds.

The biggest problem could be that almost all their dishes have a sweet note to it, even those you would never expect to have any sugar in it at all. Apparently the people of Siem Reap get a kick out of adding sugar into their savoury dishes as well.

So, when ordering food there, specifically tell them not to add any sugar. The flavours are quite good then.

Even though it’s the second biggest city in Cambodia, Siem Reap is really quite a small place, with a population of around 200,000.

You can use the local currency here, but the US dollar is accepted everywhere, so it’s better to just use this currency.

If you’re wondering what to eat at the Old Market in the heart of the city, why not head for the busiest noodle/rice stall there.

You can have vermicelli with pork, “instant” noodles with beef, and a plate of chicken rice.

Putting in an order is not too difficult since they do have an English menu. Each dish costs in the region of US$2. Probably cheaper for the locals? Not sure.

Taste wise, the dishes are pretty decent. Special mention must be made about the pork blood and vegetables in soup – this was good, despite the soup being too sweet.

The dessert stall is located right next to the noodle stall.

Right next to the noodle stall is a very popular dessert stall operated by a lady who doesn’t really speak any English.

Since Siem Reap’s savoury food is already too sweet, it’s only logical that they would be pretty good at desserts, right?

As it turned out, Siem Reap’s desserts are absolutely mouthwatering.

Desserts for three – and all were absolutely delicious.

Some of the most tasty desserts here are made with grass jelly, coconut milk, sago, banana, condensed milk and the likes.

The three bowls ordered cost 5,500 Riel – each was sweet, tasty, and absolutely satisfying.

If you’re in the Siem Reap Old Market, do check the hawker food out.

Old Market (Psar Chas)
2 Thnou St
Krong Siem Reap

GPS: 13.353874, 103.855226

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