Happy Prince loves life and lives it to the fullest

Nine-month-old Prince takes his job as watchdog pretty seriously.

Prince, the Miniature Poodle was given to Philomena Doss and her family by her son’s friend. She remembers him as being very cute, intelligent and loving when he was a puppy.

At nine months old now, Philomena says Prince is still every bit the cute, intelligent and loving pup he was then but now has the added characteristics of being super naughty and cheeky too.

As a teething pup, Prince chewed-up everyone’s shoes. Even the rugs in the house – almost everything was fair game for this rambunctious one.

So to spare them the heartache of seeing so many of their precious possession destroyed beyond recognition, Prince was presented with a bunch of rubber toys that he sportingly accepted and now happily chews on instead.

With those adorable eyes, nobody at home has the heart to scold Prince when he gets up to mischief.

When he isn’t exercising his jaws, Prince likes to cuddle up to his humans and makes himself comfortable on any available lap. It is obvious, this is one dog who yearns for physical contact, something that everyone in the Doss family is more than happy to give him.

Besides his regular food, Prince eats just about anything you put before him. His favourite is fruits, specifically papayas and bananas.

While most dogs dread having a bath, Prince uses this time to happily play with the water. However, the drying process is one he absolutely detests. Mostly it’s because the monster of a hair dryer comes out, blowing warm air into his face and onto his body while making a racket.

Philomena says, “Prince is a good listener and will look deeply into your eyes when you talk to him. He can learn new commands quickly and obediently follows instructions.”

Prince waiting for Santa Claus to come and leave him a present – a bone perhaps? Or another rubber toy.

One thing he has learned to do for his own benefit is standing on his hind legs and begging for food. “No one can resist him when he does that,” says Philomena.

A highly sociable dog, Prince is known to wag his tail wildly when he sees someone approaching, even if it’s a total stranger. So it’s natural that he doesn’t like being left alone in the house.

“When we have to go out and leave him alone at home, he jumps onto the chair and peeps through the window, watching us leave.” An alert watchdog, he also uses this “technique” when he hears someone at the gate.

Prince spying on someone at the gate. Nothing escapes his attention.

Prince would love to sleep on Philomena’s bed if given half the chance, but for now, he obediently makes himself comfortable on a fluffy blanket placed on the floor in her bedroom.

Because he’s such a friendly, loving and adorable dog, nobody has the heart to scold him, even when he is naughty. They just love him too much.

‘Don’t I look gorgeous?’ Prince seems to say.

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