PLC-PAWS work to boost animal adoption at SS2 Central in PJ

Pet Lovers Centre says there is an urgent need to discuss the plight of the stray animal population in Malaysia. (Rawpixel pic)

PETALING JAYA: Pet Lovers Centre (PLC), a major retail chain store, is following up on its 2020 resolution, “All Passion, All Pets” by working towards reducing the stray population in Malaysia.

Joining hands with PAWS Animal Shelter, PLC will be focusing on its Adopt 1st Centre at SS2 Central, Petaling Jaya. The centre is a space for animal shelters to hold pet adoption drives.

PLC Malaysia operations director Bryan Boo, said the rising number of strays on the streets was very concerning, especially since these animals were often the target of unspeakable cruelty.

“Strays bear the brunt of cruelty, and the injustices towards these animals has to be stopped through viable steps such as education and raising awareness on adoption,” Bryan said.

PLC believes that by increasing public awareness, a different sentiment towards adoption will be introduced.

Its collaboration with PAWS has been ongoing for several years, with joint events increasing adoption rates in shelters across Malaysia.

Many pet shelters lack funding and manpower to take in and care for more strays.

“Pet shelters are facing a decline in capacity to house these strays and it is getting harder to provide for these animals as well in terms of food and comfortable living,” Boo explained.

With an increased public awareness on the stray issue, it is hoped more animals in shelters will be adopted. (Pixabay pic)

A pet food drive organised by PLC at the end of last year saw some 3,208 kg of pet food donated to these shelters.

Since then, PLC has been looking into new methods in starting a conversation on the matter of adoption.

“We cannot ignore the plight of these animals, not from a humanistic standpoint, or even as a company.”

“At the end of the day, it is a beneficial situation to both parties – human and furry friends alike – a person gets a forever friend and these pets get a forever home,” Bryan said.

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