Spotify now rolling out music-synced lyrics on select tracks

Spotify begins rolling out lyrics that sync with music to mobile app users around the world. (Rawpixel pic)

On Wednesday, Android Police reported that Spotify has begun rolling out complete song lyrics synced with music – it’s better late than never.

For a while, Spotify has displayed short sections of lyrics synced-up with music before disappointingly swapping the on-screen text out for fun facts, aka “Behind the Lyrics” notes, about the artist or track.

Yesterday, however, Android Police reported that users across the world are gaining access to complete sets of lyrics for select songs.

These words are provided by Musixmatch, a service that had been previously used to overlay track lyrics atop the Spotify application.

Now, some users can simply swipe up on the display when the Spotify mobile app is open to access complete lyrics, which scroll on the screen with the music; previously, the “Behind the Lyrics” section had been located here.

So far, this feature hasn’t rolled out to everyone, but it has made it to a handful of smartphones worldwide indicating that a global launch is underway.