2 of Prince’s albums to be re-released in vinyl

Prince died at the age of 57 on February 21, 2016. (AFP pic)

LOS ANGELES: “The Rainbow Children” and “One Nite Alone”, which was first released in the noughties, will once again be available in a new issue on vinyl, Legacy Recordings has announced.

Dating respectively from 2001 and 2002, Prince’s two albums “The Rainbow Children” and “One Nite Alone” have long been out of print.

Now fans of the multi-talented musician, who died in 2016, will be delighted to hear that the two records are to be re-released on April 17.

Two related live albums will also reissued: “One Nite Alone… Live!” and the double album “One Nite Alone: The Aftershow… It Ain’t Over!

All of these records will, of course, be on vinyl, but there is also a set of CDs, “Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection” and a DVD entitled “Prince: Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas”.

“The Rainbow Children” was the first album to be released by the musician when he resumed referring to himself as “Prince”, after a period in which he used the “Love Symbol” as his stage name.

Prince died at the age of 57 on February 21, 2016.