Adik, the cat who doesn’t like being home alone

Saved from a tough life on the street, Adik can now enjoy the luxury of lounging on a soft bed when he fancies it.

Cats have endured being called many unkind labels including cold, unfeeling and unsociable. But Adik the cat is just the happy opposite of all these labels.

He was spotted by Amalina as a tiny, scrawny kitten wandering forlornly along a busy road in Penang.

Covered in grease and other guck, Amalina ran to pick him up after he almost got hit by a car, whose driver couldn’t see the tiny one by the side of the road.

Too young to fend for himself, she decided to be his “mum”. Along with her housemate Thiga, they took turns feeding him lukewarm milk through a syringe and as time progressed he grew stronger and healthier.

Today Adik has moved on from the milk he enjoyed as a kitten and dines on mackerel and other seafood instead – talk about developing a refined palate!

Adik was a thin, scrawny and barely alive kitten when Amalina first spotted him along a busy road.

He’s also quite the comic. Despite all the soft kitty toys Amalina and Thiga have showered on him, Adik prefers playing football with bottle caps, sponges, shreds of paper and cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes.

“Adik even went to the point of ransacking the wastepaper basket once just to retrieve a sponge I had thrown away,” says Amalina.

She also says many of her friends think Adik is fierce because he plays rough, using his sharp claws to dig into your skin while biting down hard with equally sharp fangs. But it’s only because he’s still an energetic, cheeky and naughty kitten and will likely outgrow this behaviour.

For Amalina, Adik never ceases to amuse her with all his antics which includes his fascination with water.

This mischievous kitten prefers playing with bottle caps and sponges instead of cat toys he’s bought.

Adik loves sitting in the shower and every time Amalina closes the shower door, Adik will meow his heart out, insisting on joining her. “He entertains himself by playing with the water.”

If there’s one thing Adik absolutely detests with all his kitty heart, is being left home alone. Every time Amalina leaves home to attend classes or grab a bite, Adik will let out a series of loud, sad meows as he watches her leave.

Amalina thinks Adik still suffers from some form of separation anxiety after being abandoned by his mother at such a tender age.

“One thing we learnt from adopting Adik is that loneliness is tough to handle. This kitten had to face a harsh world all by himself while still in such a vulnerable state,” she says, adding that she and Thiga spend as much time as they can with him.

Adik is living the best life that a kitty could have.

When it comes to snooze-time, Adik settles down on his own pillow and sleeps on the bed with Amalina. When he was smaller, he loved dozing off while draped over Amalina’s shoulders or neck.

He’s too big for that now but still sleeps next to his human mum on her bed. “Having Adik sleep right next to us is a feeling of happiness I can’t describe. He is indeed our biggest gift,” says Amalina.