Google urges against sideloading apps on Huawei devices

Google has outlined how users will be affected by Huawei blacklisting. (AFP pic)

Over the weekend, Google published an article to the Android Help Centre written specifically to answer the frequently asked questions about how the company’s apps and services will work on Huawei devices in the wake of its US blacklisting.

On Saturday, Google finally addressed head-on how users can expect their Android apps and services to work on Huawei devices.

In an article published on the company’s Android Help forum outlining how the Huawei US blacklisting, which began on May 16 last year, has affected the company while steering clear of any controversial assertions.

Like with all US companies, Huawei being placed on the Entity List prohibited Google from working with the Chinese tech manufacturer; the company explains that “US law currently allows Google to only work with Huawei on device models available to the public on or before May 16, 2019.”

After that date, not only was Google forced to cease all hardware development underway with the company, but also Google’s apps and services – Gmail, Maps, and the Play Store among others – had been banned from being downloaded.

Now the company is warning Huawei phone owners to not even sideload these applications.

This is because after May 16, Google was no longer able to test the security of Huawei devices, so phones launched after said date are deemed as “uncertified” and “will not be able to utilise Google’s apps and services.”

Google cannot confirm that sideloaded apps will work reliably or securely.

For users unsure if their phone is certified or not, they can open up the Play Store app on their device, go into the settings menu and reference check their phone model under “Play Protect certification.”