7 things a Virtual Assistant can do for your business

A Virtual Assistant is a cost saving business asset.

The position of a virtual assistant is in high demand and new opportunities for this segment keep popping up. A Virtual Assistant is a person who supports companies remotely.

Virtual Assistants are especially sought after by entrepreneurs who need help without the need to have someone present in the traditional work format, especially for specific and timely tasks.

A Virtual Assistant allows the entrepreneur to innovate, to contract without the employment bond and obligations required by labour laws, contracting bureaucracies and other taxes.

Here are seven tasks a Virtual Assistant can do for you:

1. Administrative tasks

Manning the telephone, scheduling appointments and meetings, time management, travel booking and everything else an administrative assistant does in person, your virtual assistant can do remotely.

2. Content creation

Content is one of the drivers of digital marketing and it helps search engine optimisation and directs traffic to your website. Having someone oversee this is a great decision for your digital strategy.

Content creation requires special attention as it needs research on relevant topics, search for keywords, images and, finally, uploading the article in the correct way. Outsourcing this service will ensure good quality content.

Tracking your business analytics lets you plan the future confidently.

3. Finance

A Virtual Assistant specialising in finance can help you understand your business through market analysis, sales studies, prices studies and ABC product inventory analysis.

This gives you the opportunity to market your products effectively and enables you to move forward on more secure ground, with timely detection of potential threats.

Most potential customers today will find you on social media.

4. Social media management

Another powerful weapon in your marketing plan is to create awareness of your brand on social networks. This is where many of your potential customers will be able to find you.

However, most companies come off as distant and disconnected from potential customers. A professionally-tailored social media presence will change that.

A competent Virtual Assistant can do this job and have it scaled up, so you won’t need to hire a marketing agency for this task.

5. Market research

Research is an essential part of any company’s growth strategy. Without critical insights, you’ll never know how to grow.

It’s quite complicated for an entrepreneur to invest hours of his or her time on research while still trying to run his own business.

Therefore it’s necessary to have a dedicated person who knows how to research, apply it, compile its results and process the data for you.

Most customer interactions can be handled by a trained virtual assistant.

6. Customer service

This is one of the first jobs to mass hire Virtual Assistants. Most customer service interactions are based on similar questions.

The inquiries are almost always the same and can be easily answered through a FAQ or a script. If the Virtual Assistant can’t handle a particular problem, it can be escalated to a second level of support.

It’s necessary to give the appropriate training so that this team can really solve any issues that come to your customer service centre.

7. Email management

It’s not hard to pile unopened emails, and replying to them all can be an almost impossible mission.

But, depending on the content of the emails, and especially if your customer service channel is via email, they need to be responded to in a timely manner. That’s why many entrepreneurs outsource this function to Virtual Assistants.

They can filter all your emails, eliminate SPAM, answer queries and job requests, manage general questions and follow-up, organise and filter your inbox.

They can also conduct email marketing campaigns and manage your email database, resulting in you having a fully functional communication channel.

As you can see, it’s an endless list. In fact, they can do just about anything. Some Virtual Assistants have very specific tasks based on their skillset.

People who work as Virtual Assistants can usually be hired either for a recurring period of work or for a specific task. The vast majority of them work for several customers and serve many entrepreneurs at once.

If you want to become a Virtual Assistant, you will need specific skills for freelance work. You will need to multitask, especially if you are serving many clients.

You will also need to stay focused on work in your home environment, as well as have the proper equipment for your home office.

Keep an eye out for Part Two of this article due shortly.

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