The Mini Clubman Cooper S is unique in its class

This Mini carries the DNA of its predecessors.

Mini Malaysia have expanded their product line-up with the latest version of the Clubman. The Mini range is quite complicated.

There is the favourite Mini two door which looks after the historical interest of the brand. Then there is the Countryman which is a four door SUV looking Mini.

It is as large as some Crossovers and comes with optional 4×4 capability. Finally there is the Clubman from the time the Mini was a delivery vehicle in England.

Clubman history

In its heyday, the Mini designers took a simple two door Mini and extended it to a two door wagon that could be used for delivering the mail, milk and malt.

Fast forward to 2008 and a BMW produced Clubman arrives with two doors and a wagon rear end. It is available as the Mini One, Cooper, Cooper S, and Cooper D.

While identical to the Hatch/Hardtop from the B-pillars forward, this Clubman was 240 millimetres longer overall.

The new Mini has enhanced legroom for passengers.

With a stretched 80 millimetre longer wheelbase; this provides more rear-seat leg room and substantially increases cargo space when compared to the Hardtop at 160 millimetres longer, giving 260 litres of space.

It had twin “barn doors,” or “the splitdoor,” enclosing the boot instead of a pull-up hatch, and also featured a “Clubdoor” on the right-hand side regardless of the intended market.

This meant that in right-hand drive markets like Malaysia, the rear door was on the road side of the car, making rear passengers to exit on the road.

Clubman design

Physically, the Mini DNA continues, with its familiar nose treatment. But from some angles, notably from the side, it does look a bit dumpy, like a squashed Mini.

The five door layout doesn’t help as Malaysians grew up with the Mini being a two door car. This is a grown up Mini, an “adult” Mini for the family.

There is a new sense of style inside the Clubman and it is a cut-above other competitors.

The cabin has been given a luxurious makeover.

Thanks to the oval ventilation, oval meter cluster, broad sweeping textured surfaces across the dashboard and the quality finished silver/black-painted accents, the Clubman interior looks really special. First impressions count and they have done well here.

The leather seat and trim of the Clubman may not look inviting in photographs, but in reality they are both comfortable and durable.

The front seats strike a nice balance of moderate grip and long-range comfort. The steering wheel has good height and reach adjustment.

The rear seats are just as comfy as the front, if slightly flatter, but putting one six-footer behind another will result in a little discomfort for the rear six-footer. There is enough legroom and luggage room to go head to head with its rivals.

Clubman cabin features

The new Clubman features the sleek Mini “Yours Walknappa” leather steering wheel and carbon black seat upholstery.

The seats also feature the iconic Union Jack motif on the headrests, giving the interior a recognisable Mini touch.

The seven speed gear lets the Mini navigate roads effortlessly.

Further enhancing the lighting and ambiance of the Clubman is the Frozen Blue illumination for the door bezels, the round cockpit bezel, the cockpit trim and the centre console trim elements, all designed to harmonise in matching colours.

The interior of the Clubman is accentuated with floor mats featuring black piping and aluminium-coloured seam patterns, along with the exclusive Mini “Yours” design label on the side windows.

The Clubman offers premium music experience with a 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, offering powerful and precise bass and sound quality.

Clubman rivals

The Mini brand really has no rivals in DSF’s books. If you want to buy a Mini, you buy a Mini. There is never a toss-up between a Mini and a rival.

The Volkswagen Beetle used to be its one and only rival but this ended when Volkswagen decided to end the Beetle production for good.

Clubman technology

The 2020 Clubman comes with a host of new cabin technology, including a high resolution 6.5 inch navigation system with a touch screen display. This gives you easy access to a wealth of navigational information.

The seats are comfortable and firm, seating five adults easily.

The Clubman comes with advanced built-in 4G SIM technology, offering maximised safety with Intelligent Emergency Call and Mini TeleServices.

The Mini Connected app gives owners of the Clubman an exceptionally wide range of digital services such as Concierge Service, Apple Carplay and allows mobility planning to be integrated seamlessly.

The app sends navigation information from smartphone to vehicle and displays vehicle location, fuel level and other vehicle status on your mobile device. It also allows headlight flash, horn, ventilation and door lock/unlock functions.

Clubman drive

So how does this car drive? Ignite the two litre Twinpower turbocharged petrol engine and the sound insulation allows for just enough engine noise to excite you.

The typical office commute is a quiet, refined offering. There is minimal wind or tyre noise and the suspension is compliant over most irregularities.

The ride, however, is jiggly at lower speeds along badly maintained city roads whereas the new seven speed twin clutch automatic works very well.

The 192bhp turbo petrol engine pulls this large car with little hesitation. The Mini corners like it’s on rails and the jiggly ride is a trade-off if you can live with it.

Smaller alloy wheels and higher profile tyres will correct this and give the Mini a pliant comfortable ride on most roads.

The asking price gives shoppers a lot of other options to look at. However the Mini is still a crowd pleasing looker and the dynamics are great for any driver looking at excitement in a daily commute.

Mini Clubman Cooper S Specifications

Engine: four cylinder Twinpower Turbo
Capacity: 1998cc
Power: 192bhp @5000-6000rpm
Torque: 280Nm @ 1350-4600rpm
Transmission: seven speed DCT
0-100km/h: 7.2secs
Top speed: 228km/h
Price: RM298, 888.00

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