Fluffy, the Maltese model who’s all heart

Three-year old Fluffy the Maltese is a professional model, no kidding.

Some dogs hunt for a living, others guard the premises but a privileged few blessed with good looks and a winning personality to boot, model for pet accessories.

Such is the glamorous life of three-year-old Fluffy the Maltese who models for doggie bandanas and loves hogging the limelight and the camera.

It was love at first sight when Menaka saw Fluffy’s little puppy eyes and button nose, and knew she had to take this fluff ball home with her from the pet store.

Menaka fell in-love with Fluffy the moment she saw him at the pet store.

Intelligent, loving but a tad jealous, cheeky and naughty, Fluffy fills Menaka’s days now with his antics.

She says Fluffy is happiest when he’s at the park, basking in all the attention he gets from the people around him who can’t resist ruffling his fur and petting his head.

But he isn’t all kisses and cuddles. Menaka says Fluffy can be pretty possessive sometimes and will growl at anyone he doesn’t know who comes too close to Menaka.

But overall he is a friendly boy who absolutely adores Menaka’s mom and friends. He also loves kids.

Fluffy and Menaka on his birthday.

Unlike other models who have to watch their waist, Fluffy downs everything in sight. His favourite however is lamb and he has a weakness for doggie treats of all kinds.

A happy and fearless soul, Fluffy is unfazed by thunder and lighting and unlike his other canine and feline friends who scoot when the vacuum comes on, he happily accompanies Menaka around the house as she does the chores.

A very happy Fluffy having a go at his beautiful birthday cake.

Strangely enough though, Fluffy is known to jump out of his skin if anything accidentally falls to the ground with a loud thud. Well, nobody’s perfect!

He is not fond of taking baths at home but at the groomers, it’s quite a different story. He loves being preened and pampered and waits patiently until his fur is restored to its natural pristine state – befitting that of a model, of course.

Fluffy looking effortlessly dashing.

Far from being all-beauty-no-brains, Fluffy is intelligent and knows how to walk on his hind legs especially when there’s an incentive to do so – yes, you guessed right – a treat dangling in mid-air.

Even doggies need their beauty sleep.

When it’s time to catch up on his beauty sleep, Fluffy takes to his soft and comfortable doggie bed that is placed beside Menaka’s.

“Fluffy is my saviour. He was my little therapist especially when I went through a tough period in my life. He is a precious gem… a loving furson to me,” Menaka says.

Happy and carefree, Fluffy is the love of Menaka’s life.

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