Hot, healthy and affordable meals await at Agrain

Agrain offers not only healthy but also warm, tasty and custom-made meals.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians have become increasingly health-conscious about their diets, and dining establishments that offer healthy meals are all the rage now.

The stereotype that healthy food is bland and expensive still pervades the minds of many though, a stereotype that Agrain is hoping to break.

Since opening its first outlet in Menara Hap Seng back in June 2018, four more outlets have since been opened throughout locations in the Klang Valley.

With its fifth outlet having recently thrown open its doors in the bustling KL Sogo, Agrain is on a roll in its mission to change the way Malaysians eat, with healthy meals containing no processed ingredients.

Located in KL Sogo, Agrain is aflush with customers during the lunch hour.

Tucked away in the corner of the shopping mall’s seventh floor, this new outlet is packed with white-collar workers at lunch hour, no doubt from the office towers nearby.

With a sitting capacity of about 30, the eatery is soon filled up with hungry customers looking forward to their tasty lunches.

Despite its relatively small size, it remains bright and comfortable, cosy even, to suit your dining needs.

The restaurant is partly based on self-service, as customers have to make their orders at the cashier first before picking up their own meals once ready.

Unlike some health food outlets that limit themselves to serving cold salads, Agrain ensures that its food is served hot to preserve its flavour.

Meals in Agrain are guaranteed to be served with fresh ingredients and in-house sauces and gravies.

Not to forget, everything in Agrain’s kitchens is made in-house, with sauces and gravies alike prepared in its central kitchen. The bonus is that organic ingredients are used frequently and Muslim patrons can enjoy their meals in peace, as all ingredients are sourced from halal suppliers.

Customers are also given the privilege of choice as they can customise their own meal, down to its size and contents.

Once they have made their selections, their meal will be heated up in a combination oven so that it’s served piping hot.

Three portion sizes are available, namely Petit, Regular and Large.

The sheer variety available is hard to describe, as even the choice of base ranges from Fragrant Brown Rice to Aglio-Olio Whole Wheat Pasta to Baby Spinach Salad.

Customers at Agrain can pick from a large variety of bases, proteins, supplements and toppings.

Crowd favourites for protein choices include the Signature Chicken Breast and the Honey Soy Chicken Thigh.

Fish lovers can pick between the savoury Herb-Baked White Fish or the flavourful Basil Lemon Tenderloin.

In addition to building up your meal with an assortment of vegetables, tofu or eggs, you can also have your meal topped with sunflower seeds or chia seeds among other toppings.

Taking customers’ dining needs into consideration, indicators are also provided as to whether a food item has gluten or dairy in it and whether it is vegan-friendly.

In the event you are too lost for choice, Agrain has a variety of preset meals for you too.

Agrain strives to provide the public with healthy food that is within the affordable price range.

The Green Curry Chicken is a must-try for any lover of spicy food and it might just set your tongue ablaze. Be sure to drench the fragrant brown rice with the green curry before scooping up it up and tasting the delicious combination together.

It also comes together with chicken breast, long beans, potatoes and tantalisingly spicy eggplant.

If you’re not one for rice, then the Signature Pesto Pasta should be up your alley. With pasta, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, shimeji mushrooms and charred broccoli, this meal is one that is just as healthy as it is tasty.

Sunflower seeds are also included to give an added crunch to your meal, and a good addition of vitamin E too.

Agrain offers customers a comfortable and spacious dining environment.

Fancy something with some variety of flavours? Then it’s likely that you will take to The Ultraman soon enough.

Served with tender honey soy chicken rice, shimeji mushrooms and an onsen egg, this bowl’s highlight is the salted egg yolk dressing that adds bountiful flavours to your meal.

Trying to stay true to your diet? Then the Countryside Salad will keep your appetite sated and your calorie count down.

With leafy baby spinach salad forming the base, a fresh herb-baked fish and juicy cherry tomatoes as well as charred broccoli make up the rest of the plate.

For busy workers who have little time to spare for meals, Agrain has a solution called “Click and Collect” that will help keep patrons fed even when rushing against a deadline.

Agrain founder, Jason Ooi says he wants to help Malaysians lead healthier lives by consuming less processed foods.

All they have to do is visit and fill in the order chit available there and pay for your meal online.

Once that’s done, just drop by Agrain’s outlet and pick it up, hot and ready to be eaten on the go.

If you can’t leave your home or your office for that matter, don’t fret as Agrain can be delivered straight to your doorstep thanks to GrabFood or FoodPanda.

Speaking to FMT, Agrain founder, Jason Ooi, expressed that his greatest hope is “to see Malaysians being able to lead healthier lives.”

Through Agrain, he said, he wants to bring more real food to Malaysian plates instead of processed food.

So, if you’re on the lookout for real and affordable food, Agrain is most certainly the place to be.

Kompleks Sogo, L7-2,
190, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman,
50100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours: 11.30am to 3.30pm, 5.30pm to 8.30pm daily