Google Translate adds 5 new languages to library

Google Translate adds support for five new languages. © Courtesy of Google

Google has announced that Translate has added five new members to its language library: Kinyarwanda, Odia (Oriya), Tatar, Turkmen and Uyghur.

Until this week, 2016 marked the last time that Google added new languages to Translate; as of Wednesday, however, the platform gained support for Kinyarwanda, Odia (Oriya), Tatar, Turkmen and Uyghur, a series of languages that have over 75 million speakers worldwide.

Google explains that these languages have had a delayed arrival to the service because of their lack of online content, and “Translate learns from existing translations, which are most often found on the web.”

The company stated instead that advancements in machine learning tech and help from the Google Translate Community brought these languages to life on the platform.

The tool supports both text and website translation for all five languages, and speakers of them have been invited to join the Google Translate Community to improve the translations.

Support for all the new languages began rolling out Wednesday.