3 ways entrepreneurs benefit from using a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant allows your key employees to focus on growing your business

The previous article showed you the many tasks that can be performed by a Virtual Assistant. More and more entrepreneurs are incorporating remote professionals to help leverage their business.

Here are three advantages a Virtual Assistant offers entrepreneurs:

1. Better use of your resources

Let’s say you have a middle or senior level employee and you need to choose between these two options:

Let your employee play an active role in leading your business growth strategies, or have them prepare daily administrative reports that are part of the department’s routine.

What would this employee choose? The chances of them opting for the first option is huge, without a doubt. This is simply because it’s more interesting and seems more important.

But that doesn’t mean that you can neglect those administrative tasks. If you do, your business will fall apart without this bureaucratic work.

So how do you solve this problem? The answer is to hire a Virtual Assistant. They can take on most of these tasks and the best part is that they can do it remotely.

The result is a full-time senior employee who is able to stay focused on more strategic issues that need to be done in-house.

A well trained Virtual Assistant saves you cost in running your business.

2. Cost reduction

One of the main reasons business owners and companies outsource work is because of the cost involved. A Virtual Assistant can be your solution, working only for a few hours or for a set project.

Note that reducing costs does not mean paying lower wages. That is not the intention at all.

The remote professional deserves and should be well rewarded because you will have the opportunity to count on specialised labour with many other advantages.

The saving comes from the fact that this Virtual Assistant won’t need transportation or parking paid by the company. Food expenses are also not an additional burden.

This person won’t be occupying a physical place in your office which is the bottleneck of many companies.

Commercial addresses are not elastic, meaning they have a limitation of a given number of people that can comfortably fit within the same physical space.

Another great saving is in relation to training. Typically, companies need to train their internal staff on tasks and duties after going through the hiring process.

All this costs time and money. Virtual Assistants are already experts in their field. Therefore a business owner doesn’t have to waste any time or money to train them. They can start immediately.

Outsource routine administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

3. Time saving

Another reason why entrepreneurs should hire Virtual Assistants is to save time. You know that time is money, especially in business.

For example, you’re a small company and you don’t have an HR department yet. Hiring will take up a lot of your time. You will have to announce a vacancy, scrutinise resumes and interview candidates.

You can make this process much simpler by using a freelance work platform such as Workana. In just a few steps you publish your requirements and within minutes you will receive proposals from professional freelancers to carry out your project.

This makes it all so much simpler. You can hire more than one professional to perform a set of activities, and the search for that complete professional that can do everything for you is solved.

You aren’t limited to your neighbourhood or city. A Virtual Assistant is able to carry out your project from across the country or even on the other side of the world. Isn’t that awesome?

You will have experts who can start work immediately, saving time because they don’t need lengthy training to perform the job.

And because they can stay focused on the tasks you hired them for, they’ll do the job faster than someone juggling various demands. It’s a win for everyone involved.


Having Virtual Assistants on your team can be a great help to you. They can increase your productivity, help you with bureaucratic duties, and save time and money.

But how to hire a Virtual Assistant for your project? Some common questions are:

  • What is the interview process?
  • How to ensure they will actually work?
  • How can you validate their skills?
  • How do you make payment?

When hiring a professional through Workana, you make a guarantee deposit for the work and the money is released after the delivery and validation of the project.

It’s a guarantee that you the client, will receive your completed project, and the freelancer will receive payment for the job.

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