Kuaci, the dwarf hamster who answers to her name

Kuaci is an adorable Winter White Dwarf hamster who is bursting with personality.

Vickie Pereira never intended to own a pet hamster. She only bought Kuaci from the pet store after noticing that the little one’s eyes were infected and had been crusted shut.

She knew no one else would want a tiny, sick hamster. And the pet store owner would likely put her down so Vickie bought Kuaci to give this tiny Winter White Dwarf hamster a second chance.

Despite not having her vision in the first few weeks in her new home, Kuaci was determined to live and play like any other hamster.

Vickie was a diligent nurse, painstakingly cleaning Kuaci’s eyes regularly with saline solution and giving her only the best foods for complete nutrition. This included sunflower seeds (kuaci), mealworms and hamster snacks, all of which are still her favourites.

The only foods Kuaci turns her nose up at are beets, oats and pellets – and given the choices, can you blame her?

Today, at eight months old, Kuaci is a round, lovable furball with 20/20 vision, who Vickie says she wouldn’t part with for all the money in the world.

“She’s always hungry and very active at night, running on her wheel, and climbing every beam in her enclosure. She also loves burrowing,” Vickie says.

Kuaci eats almost anything. But beets, oats and pellets are definitely off the menu for this one.

A confident, feisty and friendly hamster, Kuaci is however afraid of the sounds fireworks make and although this is pretty strange, she’s terrified of the sound of birds chirping – maybe an unpleasant episode from the past that she’d prefer not to remember?

She also jumps if there are sudden, loud noises – clearly, Kuaci prefers a more quiet and serene atmosphere where she can thrive in.

The most endearing thing about Kuaci is that she recognises her name and will come scurrying over when you call her.

A friendly hamster by nature, Kuaci is like a cat in some ways. “She enjoys affection in small doses. Too much loving and she will bite,” Vickie says, laughing.

To keep her safe and warm, Vickie bought a special enclosure where Kuaci spends most of her time. It even has a tiny house where Kuaci retires for the night. Sweet dreams, Kuaci – you’re a little angel.

Kuaci loves spending time in the little enclosure Vickie bought her and sleeps soundly in a tiny house within it.

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