Meet Courage, the lovable but cowardly dog

Courage is a two-year-old adopted mix-breed with the most beautiful face and winning smile.

The most striking things about this dog’s face is his warm, open smile and his soft brown eyes brimming over with love.

Finding it impossible to resist him Michelle Tan adopted this two-year-old mix-breed and named him Courage. But according to Michelle, it is somewhat of a joke how cowardly this boy can be despite having a strong and powerful name.

“Courage may be his name, but being courageous is not his main trait. Believe it or not, we named him Courage after Courage the Cowardly Dog,” Michelle says, acknowledging that he can be somewhat timid at times.

Courage can be pretty timid at times although his smile says otherwise.

Intelligent and loving but with a tendency to be jealous, Courage loses all sense of confidence when he meets strangers. So be prepared to face a growling, unfriendly dog although Michelle knows it’s only his way of hiding his insecurity.

Once he’s warmed up to you however, Courage loves to be cuddled and makes no bones about telling you just how much he wants to snuggle up to you and be petted.

Courage loves to cuddle up to those he knows and loves.

Apart from his dislike of strangers, Courage doesn’t like taking baths and cannot understand why his natural masculine canine scent has to be camouflaged with such a girlie thing like soap.

Still a young pup at heart, Courage loves playing with his many soft toys and when these are in short supply, thinks nothing of turning his attention to shoes instead. He prides himself on not being picky about footwear – sneakers, high-heels, anything is fair game for this doggie’s strong jaws.

Like most dogs, Courage loves going for walks to stretch his legs, mark his territory and if he’s lucky, touch base with a friend or two.

Besides going for walks, Courage loves eating biscuits and chicken.

He also has a healthy appetite and loves chomping on biscuits, kibble and especially chicken. But vegetables? No way, Jose! This dog is truly a carnivore.

A smart boy, Courage is a quick learner and knows how to “sit” on command as well as “stay”, “come” and “walk”.

A canine who can appreciate comfort, Courage loves to spend his nights sleeping on Michell’s sofa which is soft, warm and just right for dreaming super courageous dreams.

Courage loves sleeping on the sofa next to his soft toy.

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