Valley, the feisty attention-seeker who loves company

Valley is a five-month-old Mixed English Angora who’s so furry she looks like she’s wearing a tutu.

She’s full of spunk, an attention-getter and loves human contact. But Sri Jay and Riya didn’t know this about Valley when their eyes locked on Valentine’s Day. All they knew was that it was love at first sight.

She was unlike any rabbit they had ever seen. They were told she was a Mixed English Angora.

Her thick, luscious two-tone coat was a sight to behold. “She looked like she was wearing a tutu,” Sri Jay says of the five-month old beauty they decided to take home that day.

It was love at first sight when Sri Jay and Riya locked eyes with the beautiful Valley.

Getting to know Valley has been a wonderful experience so far. She’s a comical character who is a fascinating mix of friendly, naughty, intelligent and jealous.

Think only dogs can learn commands? Well, despite her young age Valley has already learnt to “sit” and “come” on command. How’s that for super smart?

“She can be rather vocal too and will make cute ‘bunny noises’ if we take away her stuff while she’s playing, like her pillow, soft toys and chew candies,” Sri Jay says.

Valley has many soft toys that she loves to play with.

She is also quite demanding when she wants attention – and that’s something both Sri Jay and Riya found out soon enough.

Not a loner, she loves the company of others and if she’s in the mood to play, you’d better drop what you’re doing and give in to her demands, Sri Jay says.

If you don’t, be prepared to get nipped by her or put up with her jumping half a metre into the air or zipping about the room to get your attention.

Valley is an active bunny and loves to zip around the house when she’s in the mood for some activity.

She’s super fast and catching her in mid-sprint is next to impossible unless you sit beside her and play with her first. That’s a tactic Valley has perfected from the looks of it.

“Valley is a hyperactive girl, so when it’s playtime, she’s all over the place, running, jumping and acting clumsy,” Sri Jay says, explaining that mix-breeds of her kind love open spaces rather than sitting in a cage.

(L): Valley at five months old. (R) Bunnies like Valley can grow up to be very big with thick, furry coats.

She is nocturnal by nature so sleeps her daylight hours away and is wide-eyed and ready to play by nightfall.

Bunnies like Valley can also live for over 10 years, growing very big and furry if they are well taken care of. Her main diet is hay and pellets which she eats with relish.

Valley loves the hay and pellets she’s fed daily.

“Valley is very cute and has become a part of our family now, like our very own baby. We even take her out for ‘walks’ in a baby carriage. She loves being out in the open with us and we in return, love her to bits.”

Valley snoozes her daylight hours away and springs to life at night.

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