5 fears clients struggle with when dealing with freelancers

If you worry about the skill level of a freelancer, ask for their portfolio of work on previous projects that have successfully been completed.

Many clients face the same doubts and fears as others when they deal with freelancers on a particular project whether big or small. However, with the proper tools, most of these fears can be overcome.

Here is a list of some of the most common concerns that arise at the prospect of working with a freelancer, and how you can overcome them to evolve into a work paradigm that is more functional, versatile and advantageous for everyone on the project.

1. Hiring a freelancer that doesn’t have the skills they claim to have

The imaginary (and not-so-imaginary) horrors of the freelance lifestyle don’t attack only the freelancers; they also haunt companies and entrepreneurs who want to start transitioning to a more flexible work model and who face doubts and concerns that often prevent them of relying 100% on freelancing talent.

One of these fears is the scenario of ending up hiring a professional who doesn’t really have all the skills needed for the project. How can you check the whole experience the freelancer claims to have?

Luckily, there are several ways to do this. First, ask for their portfolio of work on previous projects that have successfully been completed.

However, here there’s still the difficulty of verifying if it really is their work, and the task of finding references and recommendations can be very time-consuming.

Workana’s clients have a great advantage in this regard: they can see the ratings and reviews other customers have given a freelancer on the platform, and ensure that they’re paying for quality work and hiring a partner with an excellent reputation.

2. That the freelancer doesn’t commit to the project

There’s an urban myth that freelancers aren’t really involved with the projects and often don’t deliver on time, or don’t care so much about quality simply because customers “come and go”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, many major companies have begun working with freelancers as they are more than satisfied with the work provided by these professionals.

Besides, at Workana you can be sure your partner will deliver the project on time and according to your briefing because the payment funds are not deposited into their account until the moment you fully accept all the deliverables.

What’s to fear, then?

Contrary to popular belief, many companies work with freelancers as they are committed to the project and meet all deadlines.

3. That there aren’t enough professionals to choose from

Usually, when a company or an entrepreneur starts creating their first projects with freelancers, it is for very specific things and often quite specialised.

Then there’s the notion that you need to hire a consultant or perhaps use a specialised office because it will be difficult to find a freelancer with all these skills.

In fact, the reality is that those who work independently usually develop more general and versatile skills in their field than workers who are limited to forever doing the same things over and over again for the same company.

It’s highly likely that you’ll find everything you need from the more than two and a half million registered freelancers at Workana, don’t you think?

4. Not knowing how to choose the best freelancer

Having many freelancers to choose from can sometimes become confusing and tiring. You will immediately begin receiving proposals for your project, but how is it best to choose among so much talent and so many good proposals?

Well, besides our simple grading system which allows grasping the stars and ranking of any freelancer at just a glance, you can count on the help of our experts to help you select the professional that will best match your project.

Workana has a grading system that allows you to evaluate the stars and ranking of any freelancer at a glance.

5. That the freelancer doesn’t deliver properly

Finally, clients who are considering starting work with freelancers usually feel that, in these kinds of projects, it’s more widespread that delivery is delayed beyond the deadline set.

Because of this, they often choose to seek a fixed employee, with all the extra costs involved. Or even assign the freelancer only side projects that aren’t of much relevance to the growth of the company.

At Workana, you are assured of hiring a committed partner who never falls short. Our top freelancers are there for when you need a delay-proof ally in a major project, who has already proven time and time again that they’re a safe bet.

Don’t be afraid to start working with or as a freelancer yourself. Workana is here to help you so that every step of the way is the easiest and safest.

Overcomes those fears and make an offer on your first project today.

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