Countdown begins for thrilling 10-hour reunion concert

30 iconic live music bands from the 1970s and 80s will perform.

PETALING JAYA: The countdown to the much anticipated Musicians for Musicians Benefit Concert 2020 has begun.

The excitement is palpable. Temperatures are rising as posters for the concert have popped up at pubs, restaurants and entertainment centres.

Many musicians have already flown in from their homes in Sydney, Perth and Munich to reunite with bandmates they have not seen for decades. Amidst the catching-up and camaraderie, frenzied rehearsals carry on long into the night.

For the committee members of the Persatuan Pemuzik Tempatan Selangor (PPTS), it’s all systems go and time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of their hard work over the many months of coordinating this event.

All this buzz is of course about a never-to-be-repeated event labelled “A Concert to Heal”, a spectacular show in aid of musicians whose careers have been interrupted by financial difficulties, illnesses and accidents.

10 solid hours of non-stop live retro music.

Live band musicians in Malaysia are in the industry because music runs in their blood. Their journey is mostly tough and full-time musicians lay it all on the line in pursuit of their passion and dreams.

Their monthly earnings depend on their blood sweat and tears, and on being healthy enough to turn up for work every day.

When one of these older hardworking musicians requires serious medical attention, their families either put out an appeal for public donations or their fellow musicians hastily put together a charity concert to raise emergency funds.

Some musicians who are suffering from various illnesses have resorted to busking at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara every Sunday to raise funds for their medication.

While these ad-hoc fund raising measures work as a temporary fix, there is a desperate need for a more holistic solution to this perennial problem.

This is what prompted music industry veterans Francis Danker and Edwin Nathaniel to put together a committee of fellow musicians and form the PPTS to aid needy musicians.

PPTS is holding the concert on March 15 at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC).

More than 100 musicians and 30 iconic bands from the 70s and 80s are performing for free in support of their fellow musicians.

The marathon 10-hour retro music concert aims to raise RM500,000 which will be managed and disbursed by a suitably qualified and dedicated committee.

Danker observes that after 25 years of playing music, it pains him to still see his friends going through medical and financial problems.

Francis Danker, the President of PPTS

He says that it is about time to put collective resources together and organise an event where funds can be raised to give these ailing musicians a monthly allowance.

He calls this initiative Musicians for Musicians because they themselves are musicians and they are doing this out of care and concern for their musician brothers and sisters.

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The concert is truly a unique never-to-be-repeated biggest reunion concert of non-stop 70s and 80s music. You definitely should not miss this historic event.

If you can only see one concert in 2020, this is it. Get your tickets now.

Tickets are priced at RM100 and available at You can also call Edwin on 012 209 8849 or Raj on 019 229 7156.