Chi Chita, tiny survivor pup who rules the roost

Two-year-old Chi Chita is now a bright, loving dog under the watchful eyes of her human mum, Elsa.

Little Chi Chita was first found wandering around a market in Penang with her siblings before workers of the Penang Island City Council swooped down on them, hauling the entire pack off to a pound.

That’s when the little pup’s life changed forever.

Elsa, who was volunteering with the International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) Penang found the frightened pup huddled with her siblings, looking hungry and miserable.

Clearly smaller in size than the rest of her siblings, Elsa quickly realised that the scrawny one would have little chance of survival in her current state – her siblings were all healthier and bigger than her and left her with only scraps to nibble on the floor at mealtimes.

So Elsa frequented the pound with hopes of giving Chi Chita a fighting chance.

This bright-eyed and beautiful girl enjoys morning walks and running on the beach.

Initially, four-week-old Chi Chita was not only malnourished but had demodectic mange which meant she had mites. But the little pup was brave and soldiered on, using her wits to survive amongst her rowdy brothers and sisters.

She also still retained her loving, trusting personality despite the circumstances she found herself in, and would run to Elsa every time she heard her name, tail wagging and raining down wet kisses on this kind human who had taken a liking to her.

Elsa never gave up on the little one, visiting her every day to ensure she was well fed. Elsa even washed her kennel so her living quarters were habitable.

After much consideration, Elsa placed Chi Chita with a younger litter so they would not be a threat to her. Chi Chita quickly warmed up to the puppies and fighting for food was never an issue again – this group lived by the motto “share and share alike” which suited Chi Chita just fine.

Elsa’s daughter spoiling Chi Chita with her favourite thing – belly rubs.

After months of caring for Chi Chita, Elsa could feel that a special bond had developed between them. So she planned her next move.

She took Chi Chita home on the pretext of fostering her and treating her skin issues.

The little girl was understandably wary of Elsa’s three other dogs but soon enough, she was part of the pack and part of the whole family.

Her skin issue was not an easy battle however, and it took about eight months with consistent care and visits to the vet before she was finally healed.

Today, the fun-loving two-year-old loves nothing more than getting her belly rubbed while sprawled on Elsa’s lap.

The family has nicknamed her “Mrs Jumping Jack” and she loves to sleep on extremely soft surfaces. This cheeky little dog definitely rules Elsa’s heart and home because she’s apparently slept on everybody’s bed at some point or another.

Chi Chita loves taking a nap on every soft surface in the house.

A faithful companion, Chi Chita accompanies Elsa on her daily walks. Despite doing her best to escape baths, she doesn’t find the sea threatening one bit and loves running freely on the beach.

“She’s like a bullet when she takes off! Amazingly fast and light on her feet,” Elsa exclaims, clearly impressed.

Now a healthy, happy girl, Chi Chita is far from the hungry, defenseless puppy she once was. And Elsa? Well, she found herself a new best friend and soulmate.