First images of Genesis chic new G80 sedan are out

Genesis reveals the first official images of its GV80-inspired sedan. © Genesis Worldwide / Instagram

SEOUL: Genesis has published the first official pictures of its upcoming G80 sedan, revealing its luxe interior and slick, streamlined exterior.

Earlier this year, Genesis revealed its very luxurious SUV named the GV80; now, the luxury brand is showing off the latest iteration of the G80 sedan.

While the model does, in fact, retain some components characteristic of the line, visually, it looks more like a sedan version of the newly introduced SUV.

Both share the same headlight and daylight running light two-line motif out of which a sharp contour grows and spans back to the rear.

The grille has increased in size and become more angular to match that of its SUV counterpart.

Even the rear of each features the same cutout form which features a Genesis name plate situated in the centre.

Likewise on the inside, the cabin spaces of the two models share an obvious resemblance though that of the sedan is a bit sleeker.

Nevertheless, the G80 and the GV80 have almost identical dashes that support a 36.83 cm touchscreen display under which owners can find the rest of the vehicle’s main functional controls.

The deeply-coloured wood trim unique to the sedan gives it a bonus touch of luxury.

Though the debut of the model has not yet been officially announced, reports suggest that it will take place sometime within the next few weeks.