Shake and pour: New nitro Budweiser’s breaking all the rules

Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold beer. © Budweiser

MISSOURI: Budweiser has created a nitro beer that breaks some of the cardinal rules of beer drinking.

Drinking Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold requires a few counterintuitive rituals that include shaking the beer can three times and pouring the amber liquid straight down the middle of the beer glass, rather than at a slant, as all first-time beer drinkers are traditionally taught.

Unlike other nitrogen gas-infused beers, namely Guinness Nitro IPA which uses nitrogen-filled capsules to generate bubbles, the Budweiser version doesn’t require a “widget” to be activated.

All it takes is three firm shakes, a “hard pour” straight down into the glass, and the bubbles will be released.

The result, says Budweiser, is a golden lager with notes of toasted caramel malt and a silky smooth finish.