Bali-inspired Lex Spa offers an unforgettable experience

Lex Spa offers five types of massages for both men and women.

PORT DICKSON: Women deserve to look good and feel good about themselves. And this often means giving yourself permission to enjoy the guilt-free luxury of being pampered every now and then.

Once such place to unwind and feel totally reenergised is the Lex Spa in Port Dickson – a slice of heaven of earth.

Located within the breathtakingly beautiful Grand Lexis Port Dickson, stepping into this spa is like stepping into Bali itself.

Before your treatment, enjoy a relaxing foot soak and some ginger tea.

You’ll know you’re approaching the spa thanks to the subtle wafts of scented oils permeating the air and tempting you to step inside.

The Lex Spa has six spacious rooms, each with its own bathroom. You can choose either a private room for a single person or if you’re part of a couple, a two-bed room.

After changing into your dressing gown, you’ll be invited for an instantly relaxing foot-soak, which you can enjoy further with a warm and delicious cup of ginger tea.

You can choose either an individual room or a shared room for couples.

The spa offers five types of massages – aromatherapy, Lex Spa Signature, Balinese, traditional Malaysian massage and one specifically for the back and shoulders.

For their detoxifying body wrap treatment, you can choose from Milk and Yoghurt, Green Tea or Balinese Boreh Spice options.

Do bear in mind however that the Balinese Boreh Spice wrap is not suitable for those with high blood pressure or pregnant women due to the heat of the substances used.

Lex Spa also offers detoxification and extraction treatments.

If you’re looking for more exotic treatments, seek out the Javanese, Sea Salt, Sumatran Coffee, Yoghurt and Oats or the Green Tea Body Polish.

Unsurprisingly, many men come to Lex Spa for their famous Tongkat Ali treatment.

If value for money is important to you, you will be pleased to know that the Lex Spa has affordable packages ranging from as low as RM120 to RM430.