Airbnb in search of wild and wacky homes

Airbnb has launched the Unique Airbnb Fund. © Airbnb

SAN FRANCISCO: Attention house flippers of the zany and whimsical variety: Airbnb has launched a US$1 million fund to finance unconventional and unusual living spaces in response to the growing interest in unique rentals.

Ever fantasise about sleeping in a life-sized Millennium Falcon? What about a giant jellybean? Apparently, the more creative and unconventional, the better the odds of being selected in the Unique Airbnb Fund competition.

A panel of design and style judges including Grammy award-winning actor Billy Porter, will select 10 recipients to share the loot and build the home of their wildest dreams.

Submissions will be scored on creativity, feasibility, sustainability and social good.

The fund was created in response to a 70% rise in searches for unique and unusual rentals on the Airbnb platform, including shepherd huts, windmills and tiny houses.

Some of the most popular listings include domes, RVs, treehouses and yurts.

The contest closes April 15.