Apple’s rumoured over-ear headphones have been spotted

Apple’s AirPods, pictured here, could soon be getting an over-ear sibling. © Courtesy of Apple

CUPERTINO: Though the development of a pair of Apple-branded over-ear headphones was first reported around two years back, what appear to be the first images of the rumoured headset with an official Apple origin have arisen.

Within some leaked code of Apple’s next, currently unreleased operating system iOS 14, 9To5Mac reportedly discovered the first official images of the company’s upcoming over-ear headphones which were first said to be in development over two years ago.

While the pictures are actually just a pair of icons, they nevertheless seem to confirm the devices existence and their general design.

Apart from the form factor, the icons suggest that the headphones will come in two colours, a dark version and a white version; perhaps that means that a black or space grey iteration of the AirPods will also be coming soon, as well.

In terms of specs, everything is entirely unknown, but it’s logical to predict that they will adopt some features from their earbud counterparts including automatically pausing and resuming playback when the headset is removed and put back on.

They could also share some features with Apple’s over-ear Beats models like noise cancellation.

When the headphones were first speculated about back in 2018, they were predicted to be shipped the same year. Now, after two years, they could finally be launched this year.

Considering that iOS 14 is expected to be announced in September, the headset could simultaneously make an appearance.