Charlie, the tiny bodyguard big on charm

Don’t let those doe eyes fool you! Charlie is a serious bodyguard who lets no one into his home until he’s done sniffing them out first.

As an only child for more than three years, Charlie has grown to love being the centre of attention.

Feeling that the world revolves him, he doesn’t like sharing his toys and tends to hide any he gets a hold of when playing catch with his brother, Courage.

Small in size he may be, but he doesn’t know it. Having a positive sense of self, he likes to protect the house from strangers and fight off postmen, garbage men and anyone whose scent he does not recognise or take an instant dislike to.

(L): Charlie, seen here with his precious toys. (R): Flashing his biggest grin.

When people come to the house, Charlie quickly assumes the role of head bodyguard/bad guy detector and conducts a thorough security check by sniffing the stranger until he decides it is safe to give clearance.

If the stranger shows resistance, Charlie will bark his lungs out until the individual gives in, sits down and submits to the clearance check.

Charlie pretty much rules the roost.

Charlie has a healthy appetite – basically he’s like a garbage disposal unit. He eats anything from dog food to raw lettuce, salads and fruits. He is never full and always ready to swallow anything even remotely edible.

He’s a clever chap in more ways than one. He is not only street smart but has learned tricks like sit, hand, stay, turn, and sit on the lap. But there’s a catch – Charlie only performs these tricks if and when the incentive is food.

Charlie, seen here with his handsome brother, Courage.

He sleeps with Michelle Tan, his mum, in the bedroom and lately developed a devious way to earn a nighttime snack. What he does is hide under the sofa around bedtime and refuse to emerge until and unless he gets a treat.

And don’t try to fool him. He’s too smart to fall for such tricks. Just walking in the direction of the dog food cabinet is no longer enough, nor is opening and closing the cabinet door. He must be able to smell the treat from an open bottle or packet before he starts making his way out from under the sofa.

(L): Charlie is a tiny dog who’s big on personality and self-worth.

Unlike most other dogs, Charlies loves baths. He also loves to cuddle with his human family but is the kind of dog who values his space as well. You can’t make him love you by sitting close to him or hugging him – he needs his time and space to get to know you.

He is very talkative and impatient, and when he’s done peeing outside, will bark to be let in. And should you be busy attending to other things, Charlie has no qualms about barking and barking until such time as you rush to the door to let this bundle of fur right back in.

Looking like a fluffy ball all sound asleep.

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