Wristband vibrates to keep wearers from touching face

This face-touch prevention wearable has been designed to help combat spread of Covid-19. © Courtesy of Immutouch

SEATTLE: The Toles Brothers have this week launched the Immutouch Band, a wearable that alerts users when they unconsciously touch their face to encourage them to stop.

In a world where concern about the spread of the Covid-19 virus is a preoccupation for many, the Seattle-based Toles Brothers have created the Immutouch Band, a wearable designed to stop users from mindlessly touching their eyes, lips, and nose and therefore reducing their risk of infection.

The device can be worn on one or both wrists and tailored to each individual.

Once a person moves their hand into a “pre-calibrated position”, the band will buzz as a form of immediate intervention, helping even “habitual touchers…refine good habits over time.”

A complementary smartphone application tracks the number of touches made, too, so that users can track their progress over time.

This wristband was based on a similar device previously made by the brothers called the Slightly Robot Bracelet whose purpose was instead to help people stop compulsively biting their nails, pulling their hair, and picking their skin.

The Immutouch Band is available now for US$49.99.