New Firefox update blocks Facebook from tracking users

Firefox 74 is out. © Courtesy of Firefox

MOUNTAIN VIEW: The latest Firefox update (74) has a feature to prevent Facebook from tracking internet users on the web. The addition of the function comes at a time when there is a growing awareness of the need to protect personal data.

New features in the latest version of the web browser include improved login and password management and simplified importing of favourites and browsing history from Microsoft Edge.

In addition, add-ons installed by external applications can now be removed using the Add-ons Manager. From now on, only users will be able to install such modules.

Once Firefox has been updated, Mozilla encourages users to install its Facebook Container extension, which automatically blocks logins, likes and comments from Facebook on all sites other than the social network.

Users should be aware that these are activity trackers designed to collect information about them without their consent – even if they do not have a Facebook account.

It will of course be possible to create exceptions to accommodate individual usage. Note that Facebook Container is also compatible with other services belonging to Facebook, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Workplace.

Today, web browser publishers are creating functionalities that reflect a growing awareness of the need for personal data protection.

A case in point is Google, which recently added several security and privacy features to its Chrome browser.

And only a few days ago, the internet search engine DuckDuckGo presented “Tracker Radar,” a new open-source tool that provides a real-time list of all the advertising trackers circulating on the web.