‘The Walking Dead’ actor to star in ‘American Gigolo’ TV series

Jon Bernthal played Shane Walsh in first two seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’, and the role of the Punisher in the series of the same name. (AFP pic)

NEW YORK: The series “American Gigolo” is a small-screen adaption of the eponymous 1980 film produced by Jerry Bruckheimer of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” fame, who will executive produce on this latest project.

The star of “The Punisher” and “The Walking Dead” will play the lead role in the new series developed by Showtime, which has just received a green light for a pilot.

Having risen to fame in the post-apocalyptic horror series “The Walking Dead,” the man who played the character of Shane went on to feature in a variety of television and film roles, most recently as the lead in the series “The Punisher.”

Now Jon Bernthal has just landed a further lead role in a series in development at Showtime.

Christened “American Gigolo,” the series is an adaptation of the 1980 movie of the same name with Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton.

Forty years later, the talented Jerry Bruckheimer who produced the original film will executive produce on the new project.

David Hollander (“Ray Donovan”), who also worked on the development of the series, will direct the pilot episode.

Jon Bernthal will play the role of Julian Kaye, who has recently been released from prison.

While trying to find work in the sex industry in Los Angeles, Kaye also investigates the frame-up that led him to spend 18 years behind bars for murder.

An absence that took him away from his true love, Michelle, with whom he is also trying to reconnect.

Production of the future series remains conditional on the network’s approval of the pilot.

Currently in high demand, Jon Bernthal will star in “Platform,” another series in development for American television channel FX. He will also feature in the cast for the “Soprano” prequel “Newark,” which is due to release in film theaters on September 25, and is currently shooting Reinaldo Marcus Green’s “King Richard” alongside Will Smith and Liev Schreiber.