New ‘Brizzly’ lets users edit or redo Twitter messages

Brizzly makes its comeback as a Tweet-editing app. © Courtesy of Brizzly

SAN FRANCISCO: Brizzly returns from the dead to give Twitter users the long-awaited-for and highly-anticipated ability to edit their tweets.

After hibernating for a few years, Brizzly has come back with a new paid plan that gives subscribers the ability to edit their tweets – at least within reason.

For either US$6 monthly or US$60 annually, users can sign up for a Brizzly+ subscription which lets them undo, redo, automatically delete, and create custom prompts for their tweets.

After adding their account to Brizzly, users will be able to select how long the window is after their tweet has been sent that they can edit it; the options are no delay, 10 seconds, or up to 10 minutes.

Additionally, the subscription allows users who schedule their tweets to be automatically deleted after a designated period of time to have their most popular tweets retained.

Once a publication reaches a determined threshold of likes, it will not be automatically deleted.

Though $60 seems like a steep price for the ability to edit tweets, it’s a feature that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says will likely never come to the official platform. Therefore, for chronic typo-makers, this may be their best option.